Perfect Timing - 1987 - Capitol
Save Yourself - 1989 - Capitol
MSG - 1992 - Impact
Unplugged Live - 1993 - EMI

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S= Grand Prix, GMT, Far Corporation>>ROBIN MCAULEY>> Elements Of Friction, Solo, Bleed, Survivor, Black Swan
G= Scorpions, UFO, MSG, Contraband, Ratt>>MICHAEL SCHENKER>>MSG, UFO, Contraband, Ratt, The Plot, Schugar/Schenker, Schenker Barden Acoustic Project

Singer Robin McAuley of Grand Prix fame and Michael Schenker formed McAuley Schenker Group. Upon formation, Schenker changed the name of his band from Michael Schenker Group. This, however, allowed the former UFO and Scorpions guitarist to retain the MSG initials for the band. Also part of this group were guitarists Mitch Perry of Heaven (later in Badd Boyzz) and Steve Mann (Lionheart), bassist Rocky Newton (also Lionheart) and drummer Budo Schopf (later of Toss N Turn). Dokken’s Jeff Pilson played bass on MSG.

The group was based in Los Angeles, California and toured with Whitesnake and Def Leppard among others. The  sound was poppy and only improved on the third album, MSG. The band’s 1992 album was the third time MSG was used as an album title for this act. With Capitol’s support the band had a couple of singles and obtained several prestigious touring opportunities. Concurrently, Schenker wrote and recorded with the 'supergroup' Contraband. With the changing tides, Capitol dropped the band and, naturally, the band abandoned the project. McAuley continued his dreams in Elements Of Friction.



Mcauley Schenker Group