Fire Choir>>MEDIEVAL STEEL>>Fire Choir - USA

S= Mad Hatter, Tin Circus>>BOBBY FRANKLIN>>Mad Hatter, Tin Circus
G= John Roth>>Black Oak Arkansas, Winger, Giant, Starship – Mad Hatter>>Jeff Chuck Jones>>Mad Hatter
B= Premonition>>Jeff Boydstun>>Premonition, Sovereign Reign
D= Bill Jones

Memphis, Tennessee is not known for good music of course, but gave birth to Medieval Steel in 1983 nonetheless. Ricky Triola was on guitar. The US metal band issued an EP on its Sur Records (which stood for Sounds Unreel) in 1984. The track Medieval Steel foretold the arrival of Hammerfall and simultaneously sounded like Restless’ Metal Without Mercy. The band opened for the likes of Anthrax and Raven. Johnny Z of Megaforce was interested in the band and had asked the group to change its name to Fire Choir. The group recorded again in 1986, but went nowhere and with no record company and many line-up changes folded several years later. Drummer Chris Cook left in 1992, but returned in 2013. The group reformed in 2004 and in 2005 Hellion Records distributed a self-released sampler of the band’s material including several new songs. Only Franklin survived the line-up changes. This band was recording again in 2009. No Remorse issued a compilation called The Anthology Of Steel in 2012. The group played at Rock You To Hell festival in Greece and Keep It True in 2013. The Dark Castle demo was sold here as well. Jeff Chuck Jones died in 2014.



Medieval Steel