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Melek Taus was a Swedish black metal band formed in 1994. The band’s 1994 demo was called We Unite. The small Swedish label, Near Dark, issued an EP of the band called Encircled By Fire in 1997. The EP was recorded at Ballerina Audio in the summer of 1996 and featured the song We Unite from Demo. The group had appeared on the Near Dark Compilation Volume 1 in 1996.

An American band by the same name appeared in 2007, as did a Therion song of the same name in 2004. Krille used a symbol in lieu of an alphabetical representation for his own name. Melek Taus means 'king peacock' in Arabic and refers back alternately to a good or bad deity.


I have found myself traditionally at odds with one-man bands. Not because an individual is not worthy, but rather because either due to an excessive ego, lack of musicianship or both said bands are more often than not inferior to the norm. Unfortunately again, the album by Melek Taus is not worthy of a recommendation - although for different reasons. Formed by Belial (ex-Mephitic), who handles all instruments, in 1992 and having released several tapes the act is now one of Near Dark's first releases. Comprised of four tracks and and totaling some 16 minutes of recording, the disc features two tracks proper - Encircled By Fire and Where The Forest Never Ends - and two slower intro/outro type compositions in the vein of Manowar's lyricisms. This explains why despite the surprising quality of the production and riffs in Belial's dark metal one cannot really recommend this disc. Two proper songs do not justify a purchase. My advice is for the band to release a full-length CD where the concentration is on the beef of the matter rather on the fluffy fodder. For now we will let this stand as indicative of potential and a means for Near Dark to get the word out. - Ali "The Metallian"


Melek Taus