Episode II: Voyage Through The World Of Fantasy – 2014 – Inazuma
Episode III: The Archangels And The Olympians – 2018 – Spiritual Beast
Elysium – 2020 – Art Gates

S= Ake N. Kertpanich – Auryah, Masterful, Menahem, Delohim, Agnus Domine, A Taste Of Freedom>>Lean Van Ranna>>Auryah, Masterful, A Taste Of Freedom - Gunbridge, Rekion, Galneryus, AxBites, Iron Spawn>>YAMA-B [MASAHIRO YAMAGUCHI]>>Gunbridge, Rekion, AxBites, Iron Spawn
G= Oatdy P. Kertpanich – BIGGIE P. PHANRATH
B= Ohm S. Dejkong – CHANIN SHINKEN
D= Bookie P. Phanrath – SATON TINNALUK
K= Rex Rekiem, Lost In Thought, Iron Spawn, Mercury Rex>>DIEGO ZAPATERO>>Mercury Rex

Melodius existed between 2007 and 2012. The group welcomed four new members to the fold in 2019 leaving Biggie as the sole member standing. Thailand-based “symphonic & progressive power metal act” Melodius Deite signed with Art Gates Records in 2020. The band’s new album Elysium was due in October.



Melodius Deite