Purgatorium - 2018 - Rising Nemesis
Inferis - 2019 - Unique Leader
A Hill To Die Upon - 2021 - Unique Leader
Zwielicht - 2023 - Century Media

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Buried In Pieces>>Lucca Schmerler>>Buried In Pieces - Sun Eater>>LUKAS NICOLAI>>Sun Eater

MARVIN KESSLER - Dennis Paßmann>>The Last March - Methadone>>NAHUEL LOZANO>>Methadone

Marvin Kessler - VIKTOR DICK

Kevin Popescu - DANNY STRASSER


History & Biography
Formed in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany in 2014, Mental Cruelty issued a demo called Sickening World in 2015. The deathcore act followed up with the Pereat Mundus demo in 2016. Guitarist Dennis left, but returned soon enough. Rising Nemesis signed the band and out came the debut album in 2018. Marvin Kessler played all the instruments and Lucca Schmerler sang. Inferis switched over to Unique Leader. Keyboards remained. Rings Of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, Mental Cruelty and others were touring Europe as part of the Sounds Of Carnage Tour in early 2019. The band was part of the Bloodletting North America Tour 2019 with Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Signs Of The Swarm and more.

The band changed its logo again for A Hill To Die Upon. Guitarist Yo Onityan, who had been a tour guest for Rings Of Saturn in 2019, contributed a solo. The group, Distant, Paleface and Crown Magnetar announced a European tour for early 2022. The band was also at Full Force festival 2022. The band switched to Century Media, which re-mixed and re-released Purgatorium. Lukas Nicolai was fired due to sexual impropriety in 2022 (think Lorna Shore from 2019). He denied the allegations and hinted at suing his accusers. Lukas Nicolai was recruited in 2023. The album title Zwielicht is German for ‘Twilight.’ Ghost Bath, Mental Cruelty and Ov Sulfur announced the Beyond The Eternal Tour 2024 for North America, Extermination Dismemberment was on the bill as well, but missed the Canadian portion after not being allowed in again.

The band is confused and claims on its website that it was founded in 2016. Mental Cruelty considers the first demo another band with the same name. The band likes the ‘blackened deathcore’ phrase and mixes in keyboards, choir and pop with core (think label-mates Lorna Shore).



Mental Cruelty