Freedom of Speech - 2020 - Soul Food


S= Powerdrive, Scientic, Molten Trail, Reveal, Barque Of Dante, Salvation's End, The Chronicles Project, The Midgard Project, Epilog>>ROB LUNDGREN>>Powerdrive, Scientic, Molten Trail, Reveal, Epilog, The Chronicles Project, The Midgard Project
G= Blind Faith, Broken Grace, Nion, Priestess, Angels Cry, Starchild>>KAI STRINGER>>Angels Cry, Starchild - PETER MOOG
B= Dawn After Death, Dreadful Prophecy>>FLORIAN HERTEL>>Dreadful Prophecy
D= Lucifer's Heritage, Heavenward, Blind Guardian, Iron Savior, Serious Black, Stormrider, Coldseed, Savage Circus, Dawn Of Amber>>THOMEN STAUCH>>Coldseed, Savage Circus, Dawn Of Amber


Lead and managed by the German-born Iron Maiden fan Peter Moog who had played in covers' bands before, the heavy/power metal band came together in 2018. Stringer, who is also a guitar teacher, was there at the beginning. Swedish vocalist and YouTube star Rob Lundgren was recruited last - he wants to be in as many bands as possible - as well as several veteran musicians to form an '80s-oriented sound. Rubina of local band Systopia suggested Rob. Kamelot's Oliver Palotai played the keyboards.