Landscape Symphonies - 1997 - Adipocere
Songs Of The Desolate Ones - 1999 - Last Episode
Modern Instinct's Purity - 2001 - Last Episode
Death Unveiled - 2003 - Remedy

Mephistopheles image
S= Nordischer Künstler - The Prophecy, Agares>>EIKE C. KRÖGER>>Von Branden
G= The Prophecy>>Ferun - Xenien [Hanno Weihe] - Agares>>JURY KOWALCZYK>>Nayled
B= The Prophecy>>Friirr – Sethnefer>>GARVIN BÖSCH>>Mandrake
D= Agares>>SELPHRATUS [ANDRE KUMMER]>>Nayled, Agares
K= Nordischer Künstler - Bernd Ammermann - Christoph Greger

Mephistopheles, named after a demon of the Faust story, was founded in 1994 in Oldenburg, Germany and died in 2003. The band had a demo called Invoking The Eternal that lead to four album releases. Only drummer Selphratus was a permanent member. Bassist Friirr would leave following the debut, but a bigger change would occur in time for Modern Instinct's Purity with singer/keyboardist and guitarists being swapped out. The new singer was in The Prophecy as were previous bassist and guitarist. The band had switched over to Remedy Records following the financial difficulties of Last Episode.

Two members ended up in Nayled.


Ostensibly due for release on 07.07.1997 the album just landed in my mailbox and manifested itself as Adipocere Records' latest release. The verdict is negative. Although no country of origin is given, the band is probably German with members like Nordischer Künstler and an amateurish image such as theirs which convinces me of their ineffectiveness. Cliche-ridden black 'metal' is burdened with more melody than a girls' choir and couples with words like "female guest vocals". "hymnic" and "melodic" to have any metal fan running away to gag. It is bands like this that make the concept of spontaneous human combustion desirable. - Ali "The Metallian"