Devils On Metal Revitalized – 2015 – Supersessions
Hide And Seek – 2018 - King

Mephistopheles image
S= Eraserhead, Gyorai>>KAZUHIRO “ROB” UMEHARA>>Eraserhead, Gyorai
G= Power of Emotion, Versus, The Hammered>>TADASHI KAJIYA>>Versus, The Hammered – Takahiro Ikeda
B= X Japan, Rommel, Atlantis, Gyorai>>Hikaru Utaka - Lion Code, Animetal>>Takahiro Ikeda>>Lion Code, Animetal, La’Cryma Christi – Light Bringer, Alhambra, Nova-Era Dragon Guardian, Saber Tiger, Mardelas, Silex, Solo>>Hibiki>>Light Bringer, Alhambra, Dragon Guardian, Saber Tiger, Silex, Solo
D= Atlantis, Concerto Moon, Spinalcord, Galneryus>>JUNICHI SATO>>Atlantis, Concerto Moon, Spinalcord, Galneryus

Heavy/power/thrashers Mephistopheles has been at it in Japan since 1984 albeit with a long break between 1987 and 1999. The return was the work of singer Kazuhiro. The band was first heard on the 1986 demo, follow-up promo tape and self-titled demo. The group was influenced by the visual-kei movement. Members included singer Kazuhiro “Rob” Umehara, guitarists Kyoji Kudo and founder Hikaru Sawai (whose father Tadao is a known koto player), bassist Jiro Yoshino and drummer Masahiko Ikeda. The group’s return was marked through a split release with Eraserhead on the VAP label. The bands also shared a DVD release (and singer). The next demo was I’m Getting Ready For The Fight CD/DVD of 2008. This featured Hikaru Utaka formerly of X Japan. A concern called Supersessions issued the band’s debut full-length, entitled Devils On Metal Revitalized, 31 years after the group came together. The band put together a deal with King Records and issued Hide And Seek. Hiro of La’Cryma Christi was on guitar as of 2016. Toshi formerly of Gargoyle had joined on bass.