Obsessed>>Black Mass>>MERCILESS - SWEDEN

The Awakening - 1990 - Deathlike Silence
The Treasures Within - 1992 - Active
Unbound - 1993 - No Fashion
Merciless - 2003 - Black Lodge

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S= Hellfire, Chronic Decay, Gehennah, Satureye, Hellfire, Angel Claw, Satureye>>ROGGA>>Angel Claw, Gehennah, Satureye, Hellfire, Satureye
G= Nirvana 2002, Harms Way>>ERIK WALLIN>>Nirvana 2002, Harms Way
B= Loudpipes>>FREDRIK KARLEN>>Loudpipes
D= Stipen Carlsson>>Dia Psalma, Transport League, Blackshine, Harms Way - Unanimated, Face Down, Entombed, Nifelheim>>Pete Stjaervind>>Unanimated, Face Down, Entombed, Nifelheim

Merciless was one of the first bands in the Swedish death metal attack that would come to the forth in the early ‘90s. Erik Wallin, Fredrik Karlén and Stefan Carlsson founded the band at school after playing in metal cover acts in the summer of 1986 in Strängnäs, Sweden just west of Stockholm. Vocalist Kalle would not last beyond the first demo. The band went through the Obsessed and Black Mass monickers before changing to Merciless in 1987. The group’s debut was issued through the Norwegian Mayhem imprint Deathlike Silence Productions as its first release and re-issued by Osmose Productions of France with bonus tracks. The album was dedicated to the dead Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. It followed the 1987 and 1989 demos, Behind The Black Door and Realm Of The Dark. The debut demo was issued as a single by Iron Fist years later. The band spent time touring with the likes of Entombed, Dismember and Dissection during this period. 1991 brought a split record with Coemcon through the elusive CBR. The band’s sophomore full-length was predictably on a new label. The label was later slagged by the band for its delays. Carlsson was replaced with Stjaervind. Predictably, the album was re-issued years later by Black Lodge to whom the band would sign after the turn of the century. Merciless was the first release for the Swedish label. The group disbanded following Unbound only to reappear more than five years later. The group recorded a cover version for a Slayer tribute in 1995 before leaving the scene. Rogga spent time in Satureye. The 2003 eponymous album was supported by concerts one of which was filmed for a DVD called Live Obsession. Pete Stjaervind drummed for Entombed from 1998 to 2006. Stipen would return to the band in this period. Merciless was booked for Germany's Party.San Metal Open Air 2007.

The Kreator and Sodom influences have always been clear in the band’s music.


These scene veterans are back with a new release, the first official release on Sweden's Black Lodge. Having been around since 1987 one can hear the 80s thrash sound all over this release. From the first track, Cleansed By Fire to Cold Eyes of Grey the sounds of Kreator's Flag of Hate and Extreme Aggression abound. That is not to say this isn't a great release, it is in fact good to see a band that can remain heavy after so long. Not the most original of releases but with some Slayer-ish sounds thrown in Violent Obsession and In Your Blood it makes for a great release from a band that has been there and continues to carry the flag. This is one release not to miss. Sheila Wes Det

Long before a whole wad of Swedish poseurs arrived on the scene Merciless was deathrashing its way through the underground. Black Lodge has gotten hold of the band's 1992 album, remastered it and released it inclusive of a bonus song. The Treasures Within is a straightforward slab of pure deathrash. The band charges ahead without compromise. The drummer bangs away, the singer snorts hellfire and the guitars consistently gear for attack. The influences clearly range from Kreator and early Sepultura to Possessed and Sodom. "Death is not very tragic/If you enter the world of magic..." - Ali "The Metallian"