Abject Offerings – 1992 – Vinyl Solution
Coloured Funeral – 1993 – Century Media
Cold – 1996 – Thunder
Sure To Be Pure – 2000 – System Shock
Live Offerings – 2015 – Great Dane
Pathetic Divinity – 2016 – Kaotoxin
Live In Memory of Agrazabeth – 2017 – Xenokorp
The Mother Of All Plagues – 2020 - Xenokorp

Mercyless image
S= Day Off Sin, Undead Prophecies>>MAX OTERO>>Day Off Sin, Undead Prophecies
G= Day Off Sin>>Max Otero>>Day Off Sin – Day Off Sin>>Stephane Viard>>Day Off Sin – Dehumanize, Akthesis>>GAUTIER MERKLEN>>Akthesis
B= Rade Radojcic – Mestema>>Pierre Lopez - Obszön Geschöpf, Dawohl>>Matthieu Merklen>>Obszön Geschöpf, Dawohl
D= Gerald Guenzi – Mestema>>David Kempf – Tintin – Coverage, Day Off Sin, Hollow Corp., Affliction Gate, Jizzlobber>>LAURENT MICHALAK>>Affliction Gate, Jizzlobber
K= Day Off Sin>>Tom Schmitt>>Day Off Sin

Mulhouse's Merciless was formed in 1987 and soon issued a demo called Immortal Harmonies. 1989’s Visions From The Past followed. The group featured bassist Boris Mandavis at this stage. The band was heard on a single called Vomiting Nausea in 1990, which lead to the group’s full-length period. At this stage, in order to avoid confusion with the many other merciless folks out there, the Frenchmen change monickers to Mercyless. Drummer Gerald Guenzi and bassist Rade Radojcic are featured on the LP. Coloured Funeral was released by Century Media and was produced by Colin Richardson. The group moves on to a French label next and issues a third album in 1996. Pavement Music picks this album up three years later. The group’s last outing is Sure to Be Pure. The band had moved far away from death or even thrash metal and simplified matters. Tom Smith was on keyboards and the band had inserted effects and electronic elements. This was to be the band’s end. Rade Radojcic and Tom Schmitt died in 2015. Instead, the band issued a free digital song in 2016, called Altered Divination, in anticipation of the October 7th release date of the new full-length album, Pathetic Divinity. Mercyless’ The Mother Of All Plagues album was released through Xenokorp on 07.07.2020. The album’s release was cancelled due to COVID-19. It did emerge in August. Xenokorp released 250 copies of 1993 second full-length album Coloured Funeral as a 180g picture 12″ LP on November 19th 2021.

Day Off Sin was the band’s electronic project.