Ashes Of Purification - 2002 - Elegy
Of Entropy and Life Denial - 2006 - Moribund
Grey Rigorism - 2009 - Osmose/Moribund
The Acausal Mass - 2012 - AFM
Omegaphilia – 2017 – Season Of Mist
Of Grace And Gravity - 2024 - Season Of Mist

Merrimack image
Bliss Of Flesh, Terrorizt, Ancestral Fog>>Terrorizt/Lord Fafnir [Jan Desaegher]>>Bliss Of Flesh, Terrorizt, Ancestral Fog - Angmar, Profundae Libidines, Anus Mundi, Inssect>>VESTAL [MARC OBREGON]>>Anus Mundi, Inssect

Morte Incandescente, Ancestral Fog, Glorior Belli, Corpus Christii>>PERVERSIFIER/AMFORTAS [STEPHANE ROBINET]>>Morte Incandescente, Ancestral Fog,Glorior Belli, Corpus Christii - Corpus Christi, Epic, Eros Necropsique, Vorkreist, Decline Of The I, Waiting For My End, Sektarism, Malhkebre, The Order Of Apollyon>>A.K. [JOHANNES JUDICAEL]>>Eros Necropsique, Vorkreist, Decline Of The I, Waiting For My End, Sektarism, Malhkebre, The Order Of Apollyon

Antaeus, Solo, Purge, Ritualization>>DAETHORN>>Solo, Purge, Ritualization

Gommorrhus - Chaos, Ingens, Purge, Ritualization, Antaeus, Osculum Infame, VI, Grist, Nihïlanth, Crimson Moon, Dawohl>>BLASTUM [THOMAS HENNEQUIN]>>Ingens, Purge, Ritualization, Antaeus, Osculum Infame, VI, Grist, Nihïlanth, Crimson Moon, Dawohl

History & Biography
Paris-based Merrimack was formed in 1994 and issued several demos in the next several years including Prologue, Act 1 and Horns Defeat Thorns. The last one was a release through Black Vault Records. Drakkar Productions issued a split for the band with Hirilorn. A split with Sargeist followed in 2002. The band’s next move was a 2003 full-length. 2004’s Obsecrations To The Horned was a compilation. Of Entropy And Life Denial (issued in Canada on 6/6/06) featured a Massacra cover. It was recorded at Necromorbus studio. The album came four years after its predecessor partly due to the band’s standard and customary line-up changes. In March of 2005, Merrimack toured Europe as support to Colombian band Inquisition. Nightmare Productions reissued Ashes Of Purification in 2006. The band toured North America with Marduk, Nachtmystium and Black Anvil. The group signed to Osmose in 2009 for Europe. A new 2010 line-up featured guitarist A.K., vocalist Vestal of Anus Mundi and drummer Blastum. This line-up appeared at Party San Open Air. French black metal band Merrimack would release a new album, called The Acausal Mass, on June 22nd, 2012 through AFM Records. The album was produced by Tore Stjerna and Sverker Widgren at Necromorbus Studio. Only Perversifier was not new to the band. Omegaphilia was out in the spring of 2017.

Merrimack had an album called Of Grace And Gravity in 2024. Season Of Mist was uploading an advanced song and video called Sulphurean Synods. The band booked an album release concert with Morte Incandescente and Nubivagant for March 30th. The band was booked for Forest Fest Open Air XII in 2024. It was the band's third time at this festival.

Lord Fafnir was the owner of Akedia Records. Merrimack is a Gaelic word, which means a deep chasm or abyss and is taken from a Graham Masterton book called Walkers.


What is interesting about this release is how it is a re-release of material previously available on two of the band's demos and a split-EP with Hirilorn. This is because the band's demo specifically promised that the material would never be reissued. The band is clearly forgetting a pledge here. Could this mean that Merrimack is about to be the next big thing on the scene as a result? After all, Metallica promised to "Kill 'Em All" record distributors or to never shoot a video, Ozzy promised several farewell tours and Darkthrone pledged to release three albums and call it a day!
Merrimack's music is simple, raw, sadly accompanied by keyboards and hard to take seriously in the absence of riffs. As for a French band signing about Asgard and other Nordic gods... enough said. Merrimack has the raw and primitive factor working for it, but has little appeal otherwise to speak of. - Ali "The Metallian"