Groza – 2008 – Northern Heritage
With Hearts Toward None – 2012 – Northern Heritage
Exercises In Futility – 2015 - Northern Heritage
Age Of Excuse – 2019 – No Solace

S= Kriegsmachine, Schmerz, Leichenhalle, Arca Funebris>>M. [MIKOLAJ ZENTARA]>>Kriegsmachine, Schmerz, Leichenhalle, Arca Funebris
G= Kriegsmachine, Schmerz, Leichenhalle, Arca Funebris, Clandestine Blaze>>M. [MIKOLAJ ZENTARA]>>Kriegsmachine, Schmerz, Leichenhalle, Arca Funebris, Clandestine Blaze
B= Schmerz, Leichenhalle, Arca Funebris>>M. [MIKOLAJ ZENTARA]>>Schmerz, Leichenhalle, Arca Funebris
D= Anal Stench, Tromsnar, Crionics, Thy Disease, Darzamat, Kriegsmachine>>DARKSIDE [MACIEJ KOWALSKI]>>Crionics, Darzamat, Kriegsmachine

M founded the band as his studio project in 2000. The group would eventually appear on the stage. The band appeared on the Crushing The Holy Trinity in 2005. It was a sampler on Northern Heritage Records based in Finland. The Presence EP on the same label followed. Several EPs followed. The band’s debut full-length was Groza in 2008. Black metallers Revenge were on a European tour with Poland-based Mgla in the spring of 2019. Members of Medico Peste were live musicians.

Mgla means ‘mist’ in Polish. The band’s albums feature songs whose titles are the same as the album title and add sequential figures to the track number.