Another Word - 1997 - Massive
Above & Beyond - 1998 - Avalon
Nemesis - 1999 - Avalon
Metalmachine - 2001 - Limb

Midnight Sun image
S= Alien, Opus Atlantica, Jade>>Pete Sandberg>>Opus Atlantica, Jade - Treasure Land, Grand Slam, Totem>>JACOB SAMUELS>>The Poodles, The Ring
G= Allen/Lande, Last Tribe>>MAGNUS KARLSSON>>Allen/Lande, Primal Fear, The Codex, Kiske/Somerville, Last Tribe
B= The Downtown Clowns, Reptilian, Time Requiem, Opus Atlantica>>JONAS REINGOLD>>Reptilian, Time Requiem, Opus Atlantica
D= Trash>>Hempo Hilden - Blakk Totem, Last Tribe, The Flower Kings, Opus Atlantica, Allen/Lande, Planet Alliance, Stonelake>>JAMIE SALAZAR>>The Flower Kings, Last Tribe, Opus Atlantica, Allen Lande, Planet Alliance, Stonelake
K= Majestic, Solo, Time Requiem, Adagio>>RICHARD ANDERSSON>>Majestic, Solo, Time Requiem, Adagio, Iron Mask, Evil Masquerade

Midnight Sun was a Swedish heavy metal band with the formation year being 1996. Pete Sandberg joined a year after formation in 1997. Japan’s Avalon issued the band’s next two albums. Former Europe guitarist John Norum guested on both Above & Beyond' and Nemesis. The band dissolved after its fourth album in 2001, but members being Swedish they moved on to many other bands, many of them shared.


One could be forgiven for having high hopes for Metalmachine. With a name like that (imagine living up to that title!), cover art resembling Painkiller and song titles like the opener Metal Gods (which the biography mistakenly calls We Are The Metal Gods), one would be forgiven for dreaming undefiled metal. It was not to be. Despite being a quartet, the Swedish act's use of keyboards is all over the place. Not very metal, is it? The vocals too are spread thin crisscrossing opera, choir and a Halford-ish shriek. To press home the point, Metalmachine bears titles like, Metal Gods (Judas Priest?), Keeper Of The Gate (Helloween?), Steel To Steel (which is Hammerfall influenced) and even a song entitled Fight of all things! That being said, let it be noted the new Midnight Sun now featuring former Jekyll & Hyde and Treasure Land singer Jakob Samuel, has potential. The band can deliver as musicians. Drop the keyboards and overt Dream Theater influences, tighten your approach and act dignified. Awaiting that day fans of Europe, Judas Priest, or Rhapsody may take a peak today.


Midnight Sun