Mental Garrotter>>MINDGRINDER - NORWAY

Mindtech - 2004 - Nocturnal Art
Riot Detonator - 2005 - Nocturnal Art

Mindgrinder image
B= Source Of Tide, Scum, The Wretched End>>COSMOCRATOR>>Scum, The Wretched End
D= Psychopatus [Dan] - Disiplin, Kill All, Thunderbolt>>Nex [Marius Haugan]>>Kill All, Thunderbolt

The band that was previously called Mental Garrotter was formed in 2001 in Akkerhaugen, Norway. The original band was formed in 1996. The 2001 demo was called Bless The Imbecile. The band signed with Nocturnal Art Productions, owned by Emperor’s Samoth, after starting to work with the soon-to-be-bankrupt label Sound Riot Records of Portugal. Nex left and came back. In 2009, 2010 and 2012 the band was in Cosmoprod Studio recording a new album.


Mindgrinder is a Norwegian band with a difference. The quartet - sometimes a trio, but silly moniker always - is a death metal tornado that hits you like a ton of bricks. The musicianship is tight and intense, the sound is thick and solid and as a whole reminiscent of an unholy meeting of Morbid Angel, Zyklon, Deeds Of Flesh and Cannibal Corpse without sounding like a clone. In fact, the trio is startlingly heavy and adept given the band's profile and the members' other bands. Speaking of the trio though, the band is seemingly missing a drummer right now. That is a problem which coupled by the odd electronic sample justifies the deduction of a point or two here. Then again, the band itself seems to recognize the silliness of its electronica and soon enough abandons it. By and large, by the end of the album the odd sample or intro has become inconsequential. Although the band's wall of sound does occasionally seem like Ministry on steroids.
Mindtech is a bottomless pit of furious metal from a surprising source. The CD also features a video for the song Fire&Equanimity. - Ali "The Metallian"

Mindgrinder is a band that has stepped up to the metal plate, intensified its approach and with Riot Detonator issued an album that is worthy of being taken seriously. Thoroughly intense, the Norwegians have an album that exceeds expectation at Metallian Towers with its beefy riffing and full sound. A couple of songs mimic Morbid Angel and have an electronic sample (namely Death's Disciples and Obliation To Prevail respectively) at the end of the album, but aside from the track Epilogue in the middle of the album the band is all hands on deck pressing the case for guttural death metal. This is for real and if the band improves this much by the time the next album is out the scene's established names will have something to watch out for. - Ali "The Metallian"