Mirrorsoil - 2001 - The Miskatonic Foundation
Foregone - 2004 - Final Chapter
Shards - 2006 - Cyclone Empire
A Smouldering Fire - 2010 - Cyclone Empire

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S= Markus Baumhauer - Grand Final Stand>>MICHAEL SIFFERMANN>>Grand Final Stand
G= JOCHEN FOPP - Grand Final Stand>>MICHAEL SIFFERMANN>>Grand Final Stand
B= Klaus Schmidt - Mountain Throne>>ANDREAS TALLER>>Mountain Throne
D= Gunnar Drescher - Grand Final Stand, Mountain Throne>>JOCHEN MÜLLER>>Mountain Throne, Grand Final Stand

There is a town and state in Southern Germany respectively called Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg. Based in this town is a doom metal band that was formed in 1990. A self-titled demo came out in 1993. The Veil Of Lead demo became the Veil Of Lead EP in 1997 through Germany’s Sub Zero Records. A split 7" with the UK band Tefra was released through Metal Coven Records in 2008. A Smouldering Fire appeared four years after its predecessor. It was recorded at Soundmann Studio in Stuttgart.

Founder Jochen Fopp once worked at Nuclear Blast Records. He is also one of the organizers of the Doom Shall Rise Festival. Taller and Müller joined in 2003. The band has toured with the likes of Solstice, Revelation and End Of Green (featuring former bassist Rainer).



Mirror Of Deception