Variation On Inductive Theories, Architectural Screenplays - 1993 - Holy
Miracles: Totem Taboo - 1994 - Holy
1666... Theatre Bizarre - 1995 - Holy
Visionnaire - 1997 - Holy
Libertine Humiliations - 1998 - Holy
Misanthrope Immortel - 2000 - Holy
Sadistic Sex Daemon - 2003 - Holy
Metal Hurlant - 2005 - Holy
IrremeDIABLE - 2008 - Holy
Ænigma Mystica – 2013 - Holy
ΑXΩ (Alpha X Omega: Le magistère De l'abnégation) - 2017 - Holy

Misanthrope image
G= PHILLIPE COURTOIS [S.A.S. DE L'ARGELIERE] - Stefan Cros - Charles Henry Moreac - Balrog, Lyzanxia, Ayin Aleph>>ANTHONY SCEMAMA>>Ayin Aleph
B= Lionel Bolore - Krakkbrain, Ayin Aleph, Argile>>JEAN-JACQUES MOREAC>>Ayin Aleph, Argile
D= David Barrault – Droÿs, Metallords>>Alexis Phélipot – Krakkbrain, Post Mortum>>Olivier Gaubert>>Post Mortum – Mortuary, Balrog, Argile, Korum>>GAËL FÉRET>>Argile, Korum
K= Elend>>Alexandre Iskandar - ANTHONY SCEMAMA

Born in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre near Paris in the winter of 1988 the French band charted a variable musical route for itself involving pomp and circumstance. Phil Rattle (Phillipe Courtois – later also S.A.S. De L'Argeliere) was singing, Fred was on guitar, Deadly was on bassist and Puppets was drumming. Inductive Theories was a 1989 demo, which was followed by 1990’s Crisis Of Soul. The band was very deathly at this stage and even issued a rehearsal tape in 1989 called The Poser Genocide. In the underground’s heyday Infest records issued a split for the band with Torturer.

After shows with Asphyx, Mutilated and others, Variation On Inductive Theories (Architecture Screenplans) became French label Holy Records’ third release and the group’s full-length debut. Singer Courtois owns the label. The group was part of the Macabre Dance Tour alongside Sadness and Celestial Season during May of 1994. In 2001, members also formed Argile. Bâtisseur de cathédrales : Les fissures de l'édifice was a 2020 EP.

The band’s name is taken from French playwright Molière's play Le Misanthrope. The band and label focus and concentrate on the French market.