Revel In Blasphemy - 1997 - Warhead
Curses - 2000 - Venomous
On Demon Wings - 2007 - Obsidian

S= Damon Robinson
G= Northwinds, The Dead>>SCOTT EDGAR>>The Dead, Laceration Mantra - Cardinal Sin>>Laszlo Kananghinis>>Cardinal Sin, Green Steam
B= Northwinds>>Damon Robinson
D= ANTHONY DWYER>>Laceration Mantra

Brisbane gave the world Misery. It all started in 1991 and ended in 2007. A 1992 demo was called Sorting Of The Insects. Darren Goulding (later in Manticore) was on vocals. He was part of a series of shows with Pungent Stench. The band was heard on the Morbid Dreams sampler. Next came singer Moises Contreras. The A Necessary Evil demo full-length came next. The band had a video called Invidious before signing with Australia’s Warhead records and issuing its debut album, Revel In Blasphemy. In 2001 Kananghinis exited. Albums appeared irregularly thereon. On Demon Wings appeared two years after being recorded. Misery reformed for a tour with Mournful Congregation in March of 2009.


The Australian label is churning out quite a few good releases to the point that it can almost be named the most interesting label around at the moment. With bands like Manticore, Neuropath and Psychrist the label is building a strong, and mostly Australian, base to work around and so we reach Misery which according to the accompanying info is now releasing its third CD although the Metallian's archives only show two! Regardless, Misery plays death metal through and through with a strong Morbid Angel tinge, music which does not disappoint. Songs like Morbid Dreams, Altered States and even the 35 minute loop/reversed outro display a M. Angel influence, yet the foursome vary things from weirdness to grindcore to technical death metal but always remain within the boundaries of good taste (i.e. metal). The disc could have benefited from a lower tom hiss level (high hat overdrive), but the gang which now includes bassist Robinson on vocals is a good candidate for the death metallers’ shopping list. Aaaarrgh. - Ali "The Metallian"