Spin The Wold - 1986 - C.O.M.A.

Mistrust image
S= Faze, Culprit>>JEFF L'HEUREUX>>Culprit, Way Far Out

G= OWEN WRIGHT>>My Sister’s Machine - Rottweiller>>Michael Winston

B= Rottweiller>>TIM WOLFE

D= CHRIS GOHDE>>My Sister’s Machine, Lye, Hot Rod Lunatics

History & Biography
This hard rock band was formed in Seattle in 1984 and recorded one album before disappearing. Singer Kevin Wells was in the founding line-up. After Kevin Wells left the band Steel Sea/The Heat’s Howard Dee Gray (sometimes known as Blade Gray or simply H.D.) recorded a 4-song demo and played one show before leaving the project potentially because Steel Sea was offered a recording contract by Chrysalis Records. This material was recorded at SCM Studio in August of 1985. Dee was introduced to Mistrust by rock Photographer Karen Mason who was a friend of the band. Dee is the older brother of guitar player and producer Kelly Gray (Queensryche and Geoff Tate band). The recording was engineered and produced by Howard Dee Gray (who was named after his grandfather Howard and father David respectively) and Stacy Christian at SCM studios in Mountlake Terrace, Washington in August of 1985.

The band featured Culprit singer Jeff L'Heureux whose band had issued an album through Shrapnel. Jeff, Howard, future guitarist Kjartan Kristofferson, and even John DeVal of Culprit, all attended the same school. Jeff had initially agreed to only sing on a song for a compilation and remain with the band for the album all the while remaining in Culprit. He was, therefore, aggravated when the Mistrust LP was shipped with a sticker proclaiming, “featuring Jeff L'Heureux - formerly of Culprit.” Before the debut, however, the group could be heard on the Pacific Metal Project compilation with the song Running For My Life. Kjartan Kristofferson briefly replaced Winston. In 2009, the band reunited for a show at the Feedback Lounge in West Seattle for the CD release of Spin The World. Heart Of Steel Records had issued the CD.

Vocalist Dave Gray who appeared on a band demo was working with PIG Records on the release of a remastered version of the material in 2022. The release came in early 2023. Jeff L'Heureux died in an accident in October 2023.

Opening slots included shows with Stryper, Alice Cooper and Loudness. Two members later found modest commercial success through the alternative band, My Sister’s Machine.