Dream's Domain - 2001 - Anfeca/Zero
The Aftermath - 2003 - Deepsend
Age Of Darkness - 2005 - Golden Lake
Tales from The Grave - 2010 - Casket
Nocturnal Bloodshed - 2015 - Suspiria

Mistweaver image
S= Mass Burial, Authority Crisis>>RAÚL PUENTE>>Mass Burial, Authority Crisis
G= Mass Burial, Authority Crisis>>RAÚL PUENTE>>Mass Burial, Authority Crisis - EDUARDO ALONSO SANTOS
B= Pathfiner, Icarian>>Daniel Ortega>>Pathfiner - DAVID DE PEDRO MEDIAVILLA
D= Guillermo Blanco Velasco - Pathfiner, Icarian>>SIMON CORDERO>>Icarian
K= David Jesús Ruiz Escudero – Unicornia>>EDUARDO NAVAZO>>Unicornia

The band was formed in 1997 in the north of Spain playing metal and primarily dealing with medieval themes. In the year 2000, the group issued a demo called Sol Obscurabitur. The group plays locally and opens for Centinex, Nunslaughter and Into Darkness The fledgling Anfeca Music issued the Dream's Domain album in 2001. The Aftermath was issued through Deepsend and David Jesus is fired. It featured new bassist David De Pedro Mediavilla and was recorded in Germany. The band toured the USA including Milwaukee Metalfest. Age Of Darkness was released by yet another label, Scotland’s Golden Lake Productions. It was recorded in Finland. Eduardo Navazo was on keyboards. It was five years before 2010’s Tales from The Grave appeared. This one was on Casket Music and was recorded in Sweden by Andy LaRocque.

In 2015, Mistweaver signed with Suspiria Records and was about to release its fifth album six years following the previous full-length. It was entitled Nocturnal Bloodshed.


Spain's Mistweaver is a complex and layered band both vocally and musically. The band studiously avoids its mention, but the most apt description for the band's style is 'power metal.' The gruff vocals make Mistweaver - fantastic name - sound more extreme and there is a lot of guitar at work on Age Of Darkness, but the band has, in its wisdom, chosen to incorporate K&F into metal. The Iron Maiden-ish passages are hardly rare though and despite the symphonic or dreamy interludes the band still has songs of note. De Profundis is probably the best of the bunch. The Spaniards have travelled to Finland in order to record the album, yet a better drum sound is still in order. All in all, Mistweaver has what it takes to gain momentum and collect a fan base. It needs to remove the keyboards, the questionable backing vocals and folk-oriented songs like Eternal Rest and concentrate on delivering the elaborate metal that is almost within its grasp. - Ali "The Metallian"