Intellectus Judicat Veritatem - 2012 - Ordo MCM
IVIIV – 201/8 - Aesthetic Death

Monads image
S= Fractured Insanity, Sanctus Nex, Omega Centauri, Epoch>>ROB POLON>>Sanctus Nex, Omega Centauri, Epoch
G= Sentience>>Kludde, Toorn>>Gorik Van Droogenbroeck>>Kludde, Toorn - The Apostasy, Trancelike Void, Kilte>>HANS COOLS>>Trancelike Void, Kilte – Psalm, Cult Of Erinyes>>CORVUS [FRANÇOIS BREULET]>>Cult Of Erinyes
B= Toorn>>J. FREDRIX>>Toorn
D= Koester, Toorn, Yhdarl>>DIMITRY DEGRIECK>>Koester, Toorn, Yhdarl

The group was formed in January of 2011. Ordo MCM Records issued the debut album of Monads, a combinations of slow and dragging funeral doom with melodic death/doom parts, in September of 2012 It was called Intellectus Judicat Veritatem and was also the band’s 2012 demo. Monads was booked for the Dordrecht Doom Day IV in May, 2014 together with Loss, Worship, Ataraxie, Lethian Dreams, Doomed and Abysmal Darkening. Monads’ IVIIV was out through Aesthetic Death in 2018. Corvus had joined in 2014.