Song From Behind A Gray Veil – 2013 – Satanath
Absurdum – 2015 – Symbol Of Domination
Fikcia Era – 2018 – Symbol Of Domination

S= Fleurs De Bal, Sobbing Wind, Sarma>>Eugene Kovalchuk>>Sobbing Wind, Sarma
G= EAAS, Without Dying>>AT [ANDREY TVOROGOV]>>EAAS, Without Dying
B= EAAS, Without Dying>>AT [ANDREY TVOROGOV]>>EAAS, Without Dying
D= EAAS, Without Dying>>AT [ANDREY TVOROGOV]>>EAAS, Without Dying
K= EAAS, Without Dying>>AT [ANDREY TVOROGOV]>>EAAS, Without Dying

This avant-garde band came together in 2013 and very soon had Satanath issue Song From Behind A Gray Veil. Eugene left in 2018 leaving only AT behind.


Avant garde black metal is what the band and label want to describe this third full length release by the band from "nowhere" or to be more precise the Ukraine/Russia international band. To confuse the listener further the band is officially a one man band. A.T. has done all on Fikcia Erao except some backing vocals. There are seven songs and these include the instrumental Interludo. Akto De Morto is the opening song of seven. Speedy screaming black metal sounding sections are thrown in with piano and various other sounds and instruments for an opening mess. There is little structure and sense for this to be called a proper song. Akto De Metafiziko's name is as confusing as the song and the language used. At points this might be a pretend version of Cradle Of Filth but it is barely even that. Akto De Iluzioj - by now an easy guess that all song titles start with Akto De - is again too random and puzzling. It features female vocals. The aforementioned Interludo is at least decipherable but it is very clearly not metal. It could serve as an adventure or movie sound track song. Akto De Kaoso is odd and difficult to describe. It is indeed chaotic. Akto De Lukto features more female vocals, again not all seems right here but at least there is something resembling real black metal somewhere in the mix. Fikcia Erao closes with Akto De Malplena and there is no let-up in the peculiarities of Montes Insania. – Anna Tergel


Montes Insania