Hair Of The Dog – 2016 - ROAR Rock Of Angels Records
Hellhound – 2018 - ROAR Rock Of Angels Records

Monument image
S= The More I See, White Wizzard>>PETER ELLIS [PANAGIOTIS ILIAS]
G= White Wizzard>>LEWIS STEPHENS – Calatrilloz, Day40>>DAN BAUNE>>Day40
B= Mira Slama>>Savage Messiah – Blaze Bayley, Absolva, Benediction>>DAN BATE>>Blaze Bayley, Benediction
D= Chaosanct, Biomechanical, Solsikk>>Matt C.>>Chaosanct, Solsikk - White Wizzard, Will Wallner/Vivien Vain, Hiss Of Atrocities, Omicida>>GIOVANNI DURST>>Will Wallner/Vivien Vain, Hiss Of Atrocities, Omicida

The band was based in London and founded in 2011. The group issued a 2012 demo called Rock The Night. The subsequent nights were little different than previous one however so the band moved on and issued a full-length called Renegades through its MGR management. Stephens left in 2014, but quickly came back. A dozen other guitarists and bassists did not. Britain-based heavy metal Band Monument would release an album called Hellhound through ROAR Rock Of Angels Records in May 2018. UK-based Monument was confirmed for the Bang Your Head!!! Festival 2018, which would take place July 12th - 14th in Balingen, Germany.