In Absentia Christi - 1995 - Misanthropy

Monumentum image
S= Francesca Nicoli>>Ataraxia - Iconoclast, Maleficarum, Sinoath>>Andrea Zanetti>>Iconoclast, Maleficarum, Addiction, Schizo, Hell Obelisco, Camera Obscura Two, Griefbringer
G= Cultus Sanguine, Two Souls>>ROBERTO MAMMARELLA>>Cultus Sanguine, Two Souls
D= Max Cristadoro>>Crash Box, Carnival Of Fools, Hanormale

This Milan-based band was formed as a heavy death doom band in 1987 before drifting to the commercial side. Singer Mark Westfall was part of the original line-up. The early 1988 rehearsal was followed by a 1989 demo called Musaeum Hermeticum. Ten years later the demo became a Necropolis Records’ MCD. Italy’s Obscure Plasma used the demo tracks and issued a split for the band with Rotting Christ, which at that point were one of the bigger underground bands. However, it was only four years later when the band was afforded a full-length through the UK’s Misanthropy Records. The band had briefly split up in the interim. The record was initially intended for Deathlike Silence of Norway, but was delayed due to Euronymous’ death. Ironically, Misanthropy became the label of Euronymous’ killer, Count Grishnack. Francesca Nicoli was on vocals alongside Andrea Zanetti, but a bassist was not in the line-up. With Solefald's Cornelius Brastad Monumentum recorded a cover version of Death SS’ Black And Violet for an Italian tribute album in 1999. The band issued its Ad Nauseam CD in 2002. Cristadoro had left in 2001. In 2009, Displeased Records re-issued In Absentia Christi with In Misery Front Raw being a bonus track. Avantgarde Record issued a split for the band and Shining in 2013. Both bands performed cover songs. The group had, in fact, thrown in the towel in 2004. Still 2014 brought The River EP, which reprised the same cover version three different ways.

Main man Mammarella was the owner of Avantgarde Music.