Fool’s Game - 1989 - Noise
In This Life - 1991 - Noise
The Next Room - 1994 - Noise
The Dark Parade – 2021 – M-Theory Audio

S= Scott Holderby – A.M.Q.A.>>Paul Kimball>>Careless Hearts, Wax Moon - SCOTT HOLDERBY
G= Mercenary>>DANNY WHITE - Jim Taffer - Heathen, Mercenary>>JIM SANGUINETTI>>Mercenary
B= Mercenary>>ART LIBOON>>Mercenary
D= Mercenary, Exodus>>Gannon Hall>>Exodus – Mercenary, Exodus>>GANNON HALL

Mordred was a hybrid funk/metal band that pranced around between 1984 and 1995 selling its different style as its trump card. Art and Jim were the founding members. Naturally, the San Francisco-based band reformed in 2001 for six years before disbanding and reappearing in 2013 with the In This Life line-up. Jeff Gomes became the 2014 drummer. In the early days, Sanguinetti quit to join Mercenary - who members were in Mordred - while Mercenary’s Sven Soderlund decamped here. Sanguinetti would come back however.

The band’s first demo arrived in 1986. Stephen Shaw Scates was on vocals. A First Demo was to follow. Demo II came in 1987 and featured Scott Holderby on vocals. A chess theme adorned the cover. This idea would persist. Always looking for something to diversify from its underground roots Noise signed the band and issued Fool’s Game. The press loved it. Everyday’s A Holiday was filmed for a video, which MTV played more than once. The band toured with fellow Noise bands Celtic Frost, as well as Overkill and Sacred Reich. Super Freak by Rick James was included. In This Life appeared two years later. The group toured with Ignorance. An EP, called Vision, appeared in 1992. The Next Room was not as successful and the band hung it up before its first reformation. Paul Kimball sang on The Next Room.

The reformed San Francisco Bay Area funk-metal band announced a U.K. tour for August of 2014. Furyon was touring with the act. The band would release a single, The Baroness and a video called In This Live culled from 1991 shows at the Marquee in London, England. The Demos 1986-1988 came out in 2014. Volition was a 2020 demo. Scott was singing. The act signed with M-Theory Audio in 2020. The group would release The Dark Parade, which was its first full-length record in more than two decades, in the spring of 2021.