MORE>>More 2012 - UK

Warhead - 1981 - Atlantic
Blood & Thunder - 1982 - Atlantic

S= Iron Maiden>>Paul Mario Day>>Wildfire, Sweet, Gringos - MICK STRATTON
G= Mammoth>>KENNY COX>>Mammoth, More N’ More - Laurie Mansworth>>Airrace
B= Brian Day - BARRY NICHOLS>>Nightfall, Dangerous Breed, Exmore, More 2012
D= Frank Darch - ANDY JOHN BURTON>>Exmore, More 2012

London-based More was an obscure NWOBHM-cum-traditional heavy rock band that nonetheless had garnered a major label deal. The song Soldier was featured on the 1980 BBC Metal Explosion’ compilation album. The band featured former Iron Maiden people Paul Mario and guitarist Paul Todd, but was Kenny Cox’s group. The band played at Donnington after the release of its debut. There were shows with Krokus and Def Leppard as well. Paul Mario Day quit in the middle of the Blood & Thunder recordings. Brian Day followed. Barry Nichols replaced him. The band gave up in 1982, but reformed in 1985 and then in 1998 for two years. Cox had several strokes and had to cease the band again. Mike Freeland was the reformation singer.

Exmore played More songs and was essentially a covers’ band. Rock Candy records re-released both albums in 2011.