Damage>>Lefay>>MORGANA LEFAY>>Lefay - SWEDEN

Knowing Just As I - 1993 - Black Mark
The Secret Doctrine - 1994 - Black Mark
Sanctified - 1995 - Black Mark
Maleficium - 1996 - Black Mark
Mogana Lefay - 1999 - Black Mark
Grand Materia - 2005 - Black Mark
Aberrations Of The Mind - 2007 - Black Mark

S= Sepher Jezirah, Inmoria, Lefay>>CHARLES RYTKÖNEN>>Inmoria, Lefay
G= Diavox, Lefay>>TONY ERIKSSON>>Lefay - Sepher Jezirah>>Tommi Karpanen>>Inmoria, God Awful Machine, Tad Mororse - Shotgun Alley>>Daniel Persson>>Shotgun Alley - Fantasmagoria, Lefay>>PAUL GREHN
D= Jönas Söderlind>>Lucy Seven, God Awful Machine – Fantasmagoria, Insanity, Lefay>>Robin Engström - Bloodbound, Rock Tools, Trail Of Murder>>PELLE ÅKERLIND>>Bloodbound, Trail Of Murder

Bollnäs’ Morgana Lefay – a witch from the King Arthur era who was occasionally considered the king’s half-sister – was formed as Damage in 1986 and maintained the monicker for three years. A demo, called Symphony Of The Damned, was issued in 1990. Keyboardist Ulf Petersson left. The renamed Lefay rerecorded and released this demo in 1999. A demo, Rumours Of Rain, followed.

The group was signed by Black Mark and issued its first album in 1993. The band went on a rare Black Mark tour with Cemetery and Invocator. A 1995 tour had the band opening for Gamma Ray. The band was also heard on the Past, Present, Future compilation covering Abba and Crimson Glory. The band actually split apart following Maleficium. Heder, Persson and Söderlind moved to Stockholm. The band was clashing with Black Mark Productions. The remaining guys changed their name to Lefay and recorded albums for Noise Records. Former Morgana boys Lefay were rerecording a first album, Symphony Of The Damned, in 1999, which Noise would release before the end of the year. In a puzzling turn of events Black Mark insisted that Morgana Lefay was still together and would soon record. Apparently, the contract with Black Mark gave ownership of the monicker to the label. In 2005, the group played in the USA at the Chicago Powerfest. The band was also on stage at Wacken. Engström did not get along with the rest of the band and left in 2006. The power metal band again went into a hiatus in 2007 only to reappear in 2012. Jonas Söderlind joined Lucy Seven in 2008. Tommi Karpanen joined Tad Morose in 2008. Naturally, the band played at the Sweden Rock Festival and Sweden Rock Cruise. In 2014, the band appeared at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival and Sabaton Open Air.



Morgana Lefay