Among Majestic Ruin - 1996 - Relapse
Solinari - 1999 - Relapse
Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth - 2004 - Dark Symphonies

S= Crimson Relic>>Jeremy Peto>>Crimson Relic - Infaustus, Dustflow>>Gary Griffith>>Before The Rain
G= Bob Thomas>>Eyes Of Fire, Anesis - Dustflow>>DWAYNE BOARDMAN>>Dustflow - Nepenthe, Dustflow, Before The Rain>>GARY GRIFFITH>>Dustflow, Before The Rain
B= Crimson Relic, Winterthrall, Dark Angel>>Jeremy Peto>>Crimson Relic, Winterthrall, Dark Angel - Dustflow>>Justin Christian>> Nepenthean, Keen Of The Crow
D= Crimson Relic, Gravehill, Keen Of The Crow>>RHETT DAVIS>>Crimson Relic, Gravehill, Nepenthean, Keen Of The Crow
K= Ed Parker

This goth/doom band was formed in California in September of 1990 and lasted until 2004. Naturally, the band reformed for a couple of shows and attempted a comeback in 2008 and again in 2011. The last attempt lasted two years. The group’s 1991 debut demo Rabid Decay was also issued by and distributed by Wild Rags. 1992 brought the Live Studio Rehearsal Demo. Catatonic issued the Travesty 7” next. The songs were heard on the band’s previous demo. Shows with Fear Factory, Dismember and Entombed followed. As with many bands during this period the band recorded cover versions for cover versions’ compilations. The first two albums were on Relapse and sounded very inspired by My Dying Bride. A 1999 EP on Relapse was called Oceans Without Shores. In early 1999 the band’s keyboardist died. The recordings stemmed from the Solinari period. Solinari itself was initially and tentatively entitled A Raven In Scarlet Night. The group issued a demo in 2002 called 2002 Demo, but it was the industry-only Dark Symphonies demo that garnered the band a new contract with... Dark Symphonies. Gary Griffith sand on the third record. After the initial split, several band members formed Dustflow, which had little to do with a vacuum cleaner. Relapse attempted to monetize the band with a 2008 sampler called Morgion: The Relapse Years. The band played at the Maryland Deathfest X in 2011.


The term 'atmospheric' has been thoroughly maligned in the metal scene. Bands referred to by that term, are invariably mere shadows of a metal band masking their lack of credentials by confessions of external and foreign influence. Yet, should one really think about it all metal is atmospheric. Whether reeking of Satanism, nihilism or glum, heavy metal has a strong atmosphere to it. But for now accepting the term atmospheric as the sub genre with dubious metallic credentials, California's Morgion are a European-influenced metal-cum-goth outfit which moves slowly and deliberately on its first full-length album. Someone at Relapse loves the likes of Winter and Disembowelment quite a lot. Morgion proves that. In that context, Morgion is not a bad band. In fact, were it not for the mindless and pathetic use of a keyboard and the blind mime of Europe, Morgion could have been a good band. The music can really pile the heaviness if it wants to while Jeremy Peto's vocal cords could have been an asset to a real metal band. In the meanwhile, try this album if you are the atmospheric doom type of a fan, if not for the music for the Hickman and Weiss influence. - Ali "The Metallian"