Charmock And Hex>>MORGUL - NORWAY

Lost In Shadows Grey - 1997 - Napalm
Parody Of The Mass - 1998 - Napalm
The Horror Grandeur - 2000 - Century Media
Sketch Of Supposed Murderer - 2001 - Century Media
All Dead Here... - 2005 - Season Of Mist

S= Meridian>>JACK D. RIPPER [CHARMOCK]>>Meridian
G= Meridian>>JACK D. RIPPER [CHARMOCK]>>Meridian
B= Meridian>>JACK D. RIPPER [CHARMOCK]>>Meridian
D= Hex

The death metal band Morgul was actually formed in 1990 using the Charmock And Hex monicker before changing monickers a year later. Jack D. Ripper/Charmock and Hex issued a 1994 demo called Vargvinter. The group featured a second guitarist at this stage. Hex was new to the drums. 1995 brought In Gowns Flowing Wide. A Dracula sample was used on this tape. The band signed with Napalm Records and issued its debut full-length in April of 1997. Mikael Hedlund of Hypocrisy recorded Parody Of The Mass at Abyss Studio in Sweden. Terje Refsnes at Soundsuite Studio produced the Horror Grandeur in the south of France. Pete Johansen played violin on this CD. Hex departed in 1999 due to conflict with his band-mate. By 2000 the band was on Century Media and only featured Ripper. In April 2002 Jack D. Ripper recorded vocals for the Swiss band Meridian's debut album, The Seventh Sun. Jack D. Ripper was introduced to Meridin by producer Terje Refsnes. As with Napalm the solo effort lasted two albums on Century Media before reappearing on Season Of Mist after a four-year absence. Ripper was living in the USA because of his marriage and persisting with the project although Century Media had dropped the man.

Morgul was the name of a fortress town in The Lord Of The Rings.