Tusen År Har Gått... – 1995 - No Fashion
Return Fire - 1997 - No Fashion
Maelstrom Chaos - 2001 - No Fashion
Pieces Of Primal Expressionism - 2003 - No Fashion
Mörk Gryning – 2005 – Black Lodge


S= Eternal Oath, Hypocrite, Wyvern>>Draakh Kimera [Peter Nagy-Eklöf]>>Eternal Oath, Hypocrite, Wyvern - JOHAN LJUNG>>C.B Murdoc
G= Wyvern>>GOTH GORGON [JONAS BERNDT]>>Wyvern - Eternal Oath, Hypocrite>>Draakh Kimera [Peter Nagy]>>Eternal Oath, Hypocrite - Sins Of Omission, Mortum>>Avatar [Mattias Eklund]>>Sins Of Omission, Mortum - Amarath, Hypocrite, Wyvern>>HENRIK HEDBERG
B= Mortifer, Diabolical>>Goth Gorgon [Jonas Berndt]>>Mortifer, Diabolical, Port Of Saint – Kimera - FREDRIK BOËTHIUS>>C.B Murdoc
D= Defender>>Draakh Kimera [Peter Nagy]>>Defender, Eternal Oath, Hypocrite - CARL-GUSTAF BÄCKSTRÖM>>C.B Murdoc, Sectu
K= Johan Larsson


He Stockholm-based band was formed in 1993 and dissolved in 2005. A Demo was released in 1993 and another followed the year after. Like many death/black metal bands of the area the group was snapped up by the one-man operation No Fashion Records. The group was Goth Gorgon and Draakh Kimera. The debut was recorded at the Unisound Studio with Edge Of Sanity’s Daniel Swanö. The follow-up was recorded at Sunlight Studio. Avatar joined for album number three after an extended break by the band. This album was supported through a tour with Enthroned, Aeturnus, Hecate Enthroned and Agathodaimon. Draakh Kimera left at the end of 2003.

By the time the band’s Black Lodge album was being recorded the Swedes were a spent force, which only remained together to record the disc. Band founder and leader 'goth' was not into 'metal' anymore and would be going into the stoner direction.

Mörk Gryning is Swedish for dark dawn. Multiple members ended up in C.B Murdoc.



Mork Gryning