Rise from The Void - 2010 - Wintersunset
Derisive Philosophy - 2013 - Pest
Depths Below Space And Existence – 2018 - Pest
Exquisite Aspects Of Wrath – 2022 - Pest

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S= Malefic By Design, Marrasaika>>DOMNUL CADAVRU [MISKA LEHTIVUORI]>>Malefic By Design, Marrasaika
G= Searing Meadow, Deathre, Malefic By Design>>Faolán Domhnall [Sasu Haapanen]>>Searing Meadow, Deathre, Malefic By Design – Fall Of The Leafe, Deathre, Searing Meadow, Unsphered, Ablaze In Hatred, Devastracktor, Malefic By Design, Marrasaika>>DOMNUL CADAVRU [MISKA LEHTIVUORI]>>Searing Meadow, Unsphered, Ablaze In Hatred, Devastracktor, Malefic By Design, Marrasaika
B= Cáhcerávga – Marrasaika>>WARCOLAC [PEKKA VENHO]>>Marrasaika - Searing Meadow, Malefic By Design>>VILLE PEKKALA>>Searing Meadow, Malefic By Design
D= Deathre, Korpikuusen Kyynel>>BALAUR [PEKKA JOKELA]>>Korpikuusen Kyynel

The black metal band was formed in Turku in 2008. Wintersunset Records issued the band’s debut Rise from The Void in early 2010. Bassist Cáhcerávga left in 2011. Finnish black metallers Mormânt De Snagov were set to release a second full-length album, Derisive Philosophy, the 30th of June 2013 through Pest Records. Mormânt De Snagov would issue its third full-length album through Pest Records. The new album was called Depths Below Space And Existence and was out on the 16th of February 2018.

Guitarist Ville Pekkala joined in 2021. He replaced Domhnall. Finland-based black metallers Mormânt De Snagov had an album called Exquisite Aspects Of Wrath through Pest Records in 2022.

The band’s monicker stands for ‘Grave Of Snagov,’ which refers to the Romanian town.


The Finnish band with more than one Romanian connection has released this its third full-length. It is 45 minutes long and starts with the Mentor Deceived intro, a minute and a half piece that gains momentum after starting a la a jazzy ballad! Never Speak Aloud is next and speeds up in real black metal style, however slower and mid-paced sections appear soon after. The full opener is nevertheless enjoyable even when the seemingly inevitable keyboards give it an Emperor feel. The keyboards are nowhere near ever present. Resist flows well after the preceding and keep up the tempo and black metal lyricism of not resisting to feast on corpses and such. The nine minutes long Stories Untold (or is that the never ending story?) is long enough to contain various tempos and elements. It is easy to guess that the song includes a slow, melodic section or two. Pianos on this song are courtesy of Matias Mantyranta. Battle Neverending has a bit of Immortal in it but the extras, melodic and even doomy sections obscure and bury that comparison. You're Next follows and fools the listener into expecting more melody but turns up the tempo. Writhe Infinite almost does the same thing with fast singing vocals of M. Lehtivuori providing a brutal highlight. The Roots Of Grief features heavy riffing, it is a relatively mid-paced song before falling silent gradually, it can deservedly be called black metal. – Anna Tergel


Mormant De Snagov