...Your Funeral – 2003 – Elegy
Coffin Desecrators – 2005 – GoatowaRex
...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido – 2010 – World Terror Committee
...O Mundo Morreu! – 2016 – War Arts

S= Decayed, Irae, Viles Vitae>>VULTURIUS [HUGO LEAL]>>Decayed, Irae, Viles Vitae – Noctu, Corpus Christii, Genocide Kommando, Coldness, Son Of Cain, Storm Legion>>NOCTURNUS HORRENDUS [ALEXANDRE MOTA]>>Corpus Christii, Coldness, Son Of Cain, Storm Legion
G= VULTURIUS [HUGO LEAL] - Genocide Kommando, Storm Legion>>NOCTURNUS HORRENDUS [ALEXANDRE MOTA]>>Storm Legion
B= Decayed, Storm Legion, Flagellum Dei, Flamma Aeterna, Cunnilingus>>VULTURIUS [HUGO LEAL]>>Decayed, Cunnilingus – Noctu, A Tree Of Signs>>NOCTURNUS HORRENDUS [ALEXANDRE MOTA]>>A Tree Of Signs
D= Son Of Cain, Storm Legion>>NOCTURNUS HORRENDUS [ALEXANDRE MOTA]>>Son Of Cain, Storm Legion

The black metal band was founded in 2002. The band began issuing demos, EPs, splits and changing labels like underwear. The trend of labels releasing so-called demos continued. Morte Incandescente’s Somos O Fogo Do Teu Inferno was out through War Arts Productions on the 28th of September.

This was a side-project and should not be taken seriously. The members are simultaneously in a dozen other projects.



Morte Incandescente