Mortal Massacre - 1993 - Relapse
Hacked Up For Barbecue - 1996 - Relapse
Chainsaw Dismemberment - 1999 - Relapse
Domain Of Death - 2001 - Relapse
Darkest Day Of Horror - 2003 - Relapse
Zombie Massacre Live - 2004 - Crash

Mortician image
S= Incantation, Prosthetic Cunt>>WILL RAHMER>>Incantation, Prosthetic Cunt
G= Primitive Brutality, Malignancy, Prosthetic Cunt, Grindbot>>ROGER J BEAUJARD>>Primitive Brutality, Malignancy, Prosthetic Cunt, Grindbot
D= Matt Sicher - Roger J Beaujard - Morpheus, Funerus, Morpheus Descends, Incantation, Deadspeak>>SAM INZERRA>>Morpheus, Funerus, Morpheus Descends, Incantation, Deadspeak

The New York-based grindcore band was formed in 1989 as Casket, but soon changed its name via a connection with its own composition, Mortician. The track was influenced by the Phantasm movie whose main character appeared on the band’s Mortal Massacre 7” in 1991. A full-length by the same name would follow. Early single was issued by Seraphic Decay records, which ripped off the band. The group had a drummer called Matt Sicher, but his departure and death prompted the act to grind with a drum machine instead. After several demos and 7” EPs the band finally issued an album first in 1993. The band’s founder, Will Rahmer, served as Incantation’s early singer, while Incantation’s John McEntee played in Mortician.

Will Rahmer was arrested in Poland on November 13th, 2005. He had hijacked a taxi and threatened the driver with a knife. He was driving to the Berlin airport in Germany. Mortician would complete sets featuring members of Akercocke and Blood Red Throne. Rahmer and Beaujard had criminal records, which often meant no touring or travelling for the act. Nonetheless, the band hit Europe in 2003 with Nuclear Assault and Occult, God Dethroned and others. Having parted ways earlier with Relapse the group issued an album through Crash Music before independently releasing Re-animated Dead Flesh in 2004.

Rahmer was a florist by day prompting Anal Cunt to write a song called Morbid Florist. Mortician ha recorded and released many cover versions including songs by Celtic Frost, Pungent Stench and others.

Mortician is influenced by horror movies.


Take a look at the art adorning the cover of this disc and tell me you couldn't guess what the music would be all about The sticker on the CD says it all. "Pure, horror-glorifying death metal!...musical murder". N.Y.'s grindcore devotees are back, this time with a proper full-length, and the mayhem is in full swing. Unfortunately, the duo has employed a drum machine instead of the real item, but the vocals (deep, very deep) and the hyper distortion of the guitar and the bass rumble till your bones pulverize to dust. I have heard that Mortician live is a drunkard, poor version of the recorded Mortician, but nevertheless buy this CD, put it on and watch as a Blood Craving Necrocannibal is Hacked Up For Barbecue and Ripped In Half. This is Mortician. - Ali "The Metallian"

Now that Crash Music has licensed the latest Mortician body of music fans get even more of the the band's same old hallmarks of brutality. Mortician will never change and this album reanimates the same animalistic deep growls, down-tuned chugging riffs, drum machine gymnastics and samples. The drum programming is not quite as over-the-top as previous albums, but this 38-minute long circular abomination will still peel the skin off any flesh any day. The film samples are all over this album as usual and are occasionally longer than the songs. Given the over use of horror samples it is perhaps more commonplace for listeners to play 'guess which film that is from' than actually enjoy the samples as an integral part of the album.
Mortician is not trying to gain new fans or break new ground here. It is like Zombie says, "new life, same old body." - Anna Tergel