Mortification - 1991 - Nuclear Blast
Scrolls Of The Megilloth - 1992 - Nuclear Blast
Live Planetarium - 1993 - Intense
Post Momentary Affliction - 1993 - Intense
Blood World - 1994 - Intense
Primitive Rhythm Machine - 1995 - Intense
Envision Evangelene - 1996 - Rowe
Live Without Fear - 1996 - Rowe
Triumph Of Mercy - 1998 - Rowe
Hammer Of God - 1999 - Metal Blade
10 Years Live Not Dead - 2000 - Rowe
The Silver Cord Is Severed - 2001 - Rowe
Relentless - 2002 - Rowe
Brain Cleaner - 2004 - Rowe
Erasing The Goblin - 2006 - Rowe
Live Humanitarian - 2007 - Soundmass
The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine - 2009 - Rowe
Realm Of The Skelataur - 2015 - Rowe

Mortification image
S= Wonrowe Vision>>STEVE ROWE>>Wonrowe Vision
G= Michael Carlisle>>Martyrs Shrine - Deliverance, Recon>>George Ochoa>>Deliverance, Recon - Lincoln Bowen>>Wonrowe Vision, Day Of Atonement, The Eternal - Terraphobia>>Michael Jelinic>>Terraphobia - Day Of Atonement, The Eternal, Wonrowe Vision>>LINCOLN BOWEN>>Wonrowe Vision
B= Light Force, Wonrowe Vision>>STEVE ROWE>>Light Force, Wonrowe Vision
D= Light Force>>Jayson Sherlock>>Horde, Paramæcium, Soundscape, Where Shadows Lie, Altera Enigma - Phil Curlis-Gibson>>Callous, Day Of Atonement - Keith Bannister - Adam Zaffarese – Dementia, Cybergrind>>Mike Forsberg>>Martyrs Shrine – Skymaze>>Damien Percy - Wonrowe Vision>>ANDREW ESNOUF>>Wonrowe Vision

Melbourne-based Mortification (the denial of bodily and corporeal passions and wants through abstinence) is a white metal band lead by singer and bassist Steve Rowe. Rowe’s Light Force had opened for Stryper in Australia. The band is a heavy metal act praising Jesus, Jehovah and the like that early in its career was caught in the thrash and death metal trend and geared itself as such musically and through song titles like Butchered Mutilation.

The band’s style, as well as Christianity of Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger, garnered the trio an early deal with the German label. The two first albums sold well, but not enough for a label working with Dismember, Gorefest or Amorphis and Mortification continued on with the American Christian label, Intense Records. Nuclear Blast continued to licence the band’s albums however. Mortification toured USA in 1992 with former Vengeance Rising. The group was also touring Europe. Steve Rowe of Mortification acted as Metanoia’s producer upon signing to Rowe in 1995. Rowe was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1996. He recovered in 1998. The band has remained prolific issuing albums, videos, EPs annually, as well as changing personnel like there is no tomorrow. 1996 EP Noah Sat Down And Listened To The Mortification Live E.P. While Having A Coffee not only emphasizes the band’s love of folklore, but also shows a sense of humour. Deliverance guitarist George Ochoa ended up joining the band, as well producing the act. 2006 had the act tour South America with a white metal ensemble of Rob Rock and Narnia. Later albums were essentially demos issued independently through Rowe Productions. By this time the band had taken to attempting to get away from the 'death' or 'thrash'or 'white' metal labels by inventing the 'truth metal' tag. Rowe celebrated his fiftieth birthday in 2015. He was concentrating on Wonrowe Vision since 2010. In 2014, the man issued Metal Missionary The Steve Rowe Story formatted for Kindle. The man/band announced a new Mortification Album called Realm Of The Skelataur for 2015 as the final Mortification album.

An American Mortification also existed circa 1990. Wonrowe Vision is also a Rowe project borrowing from Mortification personnel. Jayson Sherlock’s 'unblack' metal project had its grim CD also released by Nuclear Blast.