Black Mirror – 2012 - logic(il)logic
Goldfish Motel – 2016 - logic(il)logic

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S= Claudio "Clay" Corrado – Nightglow>>ABBA>>Nightglow

Motorfingers was formed in 2008 in Modena in North Central Italy. Founding members were guitarists Max Barbolini and Andrea "Spy" Spezzani. A few misfires and singer Claudio "Clay" Corrado, bassist Mauree "NOX" Novelli and drummer Alex Gualdi were also in. The 2008 demo was called MSC. The songs Hole In the Sun and Living Desire were included in the soundtrack to an obscure film called Spark Preludio, which was directed by Domenico Guidetti. In 2010, the band recorded a demo called Brand New Skin, and also covered Rain by The Cult and Give Into Me by Michael Jackson.

In 2011, the band entered the studio again to record a full-length called Black Mirror. The album was released in May of 2012 by Italian label logic(il)logic, which also had Badmotorfingers on its roster. Motorfingers would take part in Masters Of Rock in Vizovice, the biggest open-air festival in Czech Republic. The Italian band will perform on July 12th. Abba (also of Nightglow) was the singer and Faust (Fausto Giovannini) would be the bassist soon thereafter. The former joined in 2015, while the latter joined in 2014. Italian hard rock band Motorfingers renewed its recording agreement with logic(il)logic Records. The new album Goldfish Motel, the first with new members Faust (bass) and Abba (vocals), saw the light of the day in September.


Clicked on the website for cyber spies Holt Renfrew and then ventured over to the band’s website for information on them so I can begin this review. Instead of having a website the band maintains a page on the corporation that is MySpace. There was a big advertisement on the band’s MySpace page for... Holt Renfrew. Cleared my cache, deleted my temporary files and trashed the cookies and I still hate cyber spies. Long live proxy IP addresses.
With a sufficiently bad disposition to start Motorfingers is an Italian band - something that surprised me as listening to them makes one believe they are Americans - mixing modern hard rock with rock and some commercial sounds. The production is solid. The drums, especially, carry oomph. The singer has a good voice suited to the genre and puts some feeling into it. The band loses marks when it begins to sound like Nickleback or mallcore, the latter on the third song In My Dreams. No one with any modicum of good taste should like, listen to or remotely tolerate insipid, jaded and retarded crap like mallcore or Nickleback. Not coincidentally, the refrain sounds like the words 'Captain America' except that is probably wrong. Motorfingers is nowhere near as bad as Nicklehack or whatever, but the point had to be made. The album ends with a slower song with feeling and depth. Here is the band and here is a contact address - Ali “The Metallian”