Time's Running Out – 1985 – Flickknife
Live Fast Die Young – 1989 – G.I.

S= The Wildhearts>>DUNKEN MULLET>>The Wildhearts
G= Richie Jones - STEVE JAMES
B= Clive Baxter – Gay Vicars>>Paul “Blacken” White>>Mutant
D= White Lightning>>Jeff Ward – Tora Tora, Mutant, Medicine Hat>>GARRY "MAGPIE" BOWLER>>Mutant, Medicine Hat
K= Derek Jasnoch

Mournblade was a London, England heavy metal band arriving at the tail end of the NWOBHM movement. The band was active from 1983 to 1989 before disbanding and inevitably returning in 2012.

The band’s 1984 demo was called Anthem Of Chaos. Fledgling imprint Flickknife issued the band’s 1985 LP Time's Running Out. The Titanium Tapes demo was next and arrived in 1986. It was followed by the Stairway demo. A full-length arrived through G.I. called Live Fast Die Young. The group disbanded, but returned following a sampler called Anthology - Vol I in 2011. Another compilation called Live And Loud - Studio Outtakes arrived in 2013. The band began issuing full-lengths again. The first was a live recording called Live At Te Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Holland 2012. Time's Running Out 2015 was a re-recorded version of the original. Non Nobis Productions issued it. Paul “Blacken” White was back.

The band has often adopted a space rock sound and a science fiction theme. Mournblade has supported Doctor & The Medics and Motörhead in the past.