Mourning Sign – 1994 – Godhead
Multiverse – 1996 - Godhead

S= Robert Pörschke
G= PETRI AHO – Skineater, Amaran>>KARI KAINULAINEN>>Skineater, Amaran
B= Thomas Gardh - PETRI AHO
D= Henrik “Peppe” Persson>>Psychopunch

The Swedish extreme band was formed in 1992 and very soon issued a demo called Last Chamber featuring four tracks. Marcus Göthe on bass exited. Italy’s upstart Godhead Recording picked the band up and issued the Alienor EP of the group in 1993. Thomas Gardh was on bass. This was initially Promo ’93. The same label issued the band’s LP a year later. The band remained with the label for its second full-length, which featured two tracks with violin, which itself arrived as the group gave up… until 2013 when the inevitable reunion happened. Prior to disbanding the group could be heard on the W.A.R compilation volume 1. Robert Pörschke was initially in before jumping ship. Kainulainen had spent time in Amaran. The band recorded 11 new tracks. Dark Symphonies was reissuing the band’s debut EP.



Mourning Sign