Mox Nix – 1985 – Axe Killer

S= JOHNNY DUFF>>Fearless Leader, Hip Circle
G= Fixer>>JOHNNY DUFF>>Hip Circle – BRUCE TOUSINAU>>Fearless Leade
D= Fixer>>JOE VERNAGALLO>>Hip Circle

Pasadena is a suburb of Houston in cowboy state of Texas. Mox Nix was born here in 1982. Initially Thomas Rogers was on vocals, Donnie Bragg on drums and John Mills on guitars of the cover band. Robert was added soon after. When Rogers left Duff took over the vocals. His former Fixer band-mate Joe was recruited to sit on the stools. Nary two years later the band with the distinctive monicker issued its debut album on French label, Axe Killer. The label did a fair amount of European promotion for the act. The band had issued a demo in 1994 oddly called All Access and was set to also release a new record on Shatter, an imprint being distributed by Profile Records, but that release fell through alongside the label. Shatter, which had Paul Di’Anno on its roster, had come down to see the band open for Di’Anno. The sole album was reissued on CD in 2001 with two songs from the proposed album. The band had given up ten years prior after trying its luck in Los Angeles. An “Expanded Edition” of the same was out on Minotauro Records in 2013 three years after a reunion show.

The band’s name is a take on the German phrase ‘macht nicht’ which is German for ‘make nothing’ which means ‘ not a problem.’ Thomas Rogers’ parents were German. Alternately, the members recall Thomas had found the phrase in a comic book. Three of the members joined a rock band called Hip Circle.



Mox Nix