Detached From Life – 2009 - Agonia
Descending Through Ashes – 2011 - Agonia

G= Alex Stjernfeldt>>Let Them Hang, The Moth Gatherer - Treblinka, Tiamat, Expulsion, River's Edge>>STEFAN LAGERGREN – Ethnocide>>STAFFAN SKOGLUND
B= Treblinka, Tiamat>>JUCK THULLBERG
D= Jonas Ohlsson>>Septic Grave

Mr. Death was formed in 2007 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The band released a demo called Unearthing at Sunlight Studio in 2008. As of 2008 the band featured two former Treblinka/Tiamat members. Agonia Records would reissue this demo two years later. The band signed with Agonia and released its full-length Detached From Life in October of 2009. The label also issued the Death Suits You EP in 2010. Following a 2011 LP a limited edition demo, called Deus Inferno, appeared in 2014. Staffan Skoglund had joined in 2012. Jonas Ohlsson left in 2014.


Mr. Death certainly sounds like a cheesy band name - pretty sure they didn’t get their name from the old Bullet song - yet a bigger problem for the former Treblinka and Tiamat members might be living up to the name. Chuck Schuldiner couldn’t live up to Death and gave up by taking refuge elsewhere. Will this quintet succeed? The first foray is successful.
The band tries hard to establish an old-school standing. Aside from the monicker, the cover artwork, which reminds one of Death in fact, and references to VHS should do it. The band has dug its way to the old Sunlight Studio for the recording as well. Speaking of which, the production value is straight out of 1990 as well. Treblinka and Tiamat had both recorded at the studio’s old incarnation. Most importantly, however, is the group’s vintage death metal sound. Prior to knowing the Treblinka/Tiamat connection the first and simplest reference that came to mind was the Unleashed debut. Indeed, both the vocals and the music point to Unleashed’s Where No Life Dwells from 1991. Both bands sport a prominent inverted cross in their logos as well. However, admittedly subliminally influenced, some of the very early Tiamat distortion is also available within the tracks. By the way, if the screams at the beginning of one of those pounding tracks, Combined Anatomy, is meant to remind one of Entombed’s Left Hand Path then the band has to work on its shrieks a little more. The band keeps things moving and exciting with both speedy cuts (Evil Undisputed for example) and pounding heavy songs. The bass guitar sound crackles to life on occasion and like the guitar lick adds yet another dimension to this bonanza.
The name is silly and the get-up is sillier, but for true death metal it does not get much more pure than this. To hell with the wimp-out of Tiamat and get Detached From Life. - Ali “The Metallian”


Mr. Death