Can’t You Take A Joke – 1988 – Torrid
A Boy In A Man’s World – 1989 – Torrid
Now – 1990 – Torrid
Act Of Faith – 1992 – Century Media
Alive & Well – 1994 – Mucky/SPV
Five Guys In A Really Hot Garage – 1995 – Fresh Fruit
Live At Mexicali – 2009 - Independent

S= Bully With Bill Bergmann & Kevin Powers, Da' Skulls>>CHRIS MILNES>>Bully With Bill Bergmann & Kevin Powers, Da' Skulls
G= Danny Nastasi>>Non-Fiction, Murphy’s Law, Dog Eat Dog, All Boro King, Nastasee - Glenn Cummings – E.V.S. [Eric VanSteenbergh]
B= Hades>>Scott LePage>>Hades, Prowler, Ministry Of Hate - Dave Neabore>>Dog Eat Dog, All Boro King – Marc DeBacker - Christopher ‘Junior’ LaPlante
D= Dan Lorenzo Bully With Bill Bergmann & Kevin Powers, All Boro King, Da' Skulls>>JOHNNY MILNES>>All Boro King, Dan Lorenzo, Bully With Bill Bergmann & Kevin Powers, Da' Skulls
K= Kevin Powers

New Jersey-based Mucky Pup was formed in 1986 as a crossover band and signed with Torrid Records – the same label that had signed Exodus – a year later. The band was signed after the label saw the group open for Trixter at the Paramus Roller Rink. The act was licensed to Roadrunner for Europe. Early demos were Live And Mucky and Greatest Hits. The group went pop punk, opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Brains and others and released half a dozen albums before disbanding ten years later. Scott LePage played on the first album. Dave Neabore played on the second album. Marc DeBacker played on the third album and would later play guitars for the group. He would be a returnee to the act. Kevin Powers joined the band for the fourth album. The band signed with Century Media in 1991. Chris produced Act Of Faith. The album’s original title was Heavy As Fuck. In 1998, Dan Nastasi and John Milnes joined forces with Dave Neabore and Sean Kilkenny to form All Boro King. The group came back in 1999 and 2003 for shows and reformed more definitively in 2009. Bill Bergmann was on bass. The band supposedly played its final U.S. show ever on January 16th 2010 at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The band would claim farewell to the stage that summer after some European shows. Mucky Pup announced plans for a 25th anniversary European tour.

Chris and Johnny are brothers. In 2012, Chris opened a New Jersey hotdog outlet, which lasted two years. One menu item was the Crack Dog.



Mucky Pup