Carpe Diem – 2005 - Akom
Metallosaurus 3X – 2009 - End Of Silence

Muculords image
S= Anal Torment, Entity, Krydome>>DIARREUS>>Anal Torment, Entity, Krydome – Baratro>>Ano Domini [Max]>>Baratro
G= Entity, Mannaia, Krydome>>Torcicolon [Stefano Mancini]>>Entity, Mannaia, Krydome – Anal Torment, Defixio>>Koprophagore [Andrea Manenti]>>Anal Torment, Defixio - GENITAL ERPES
B= Gengivitis
D= Mørke>>Il Capro>> Mørke, Distruzione Di Massa – Krydome, Entity>> STEFANO FRANCHINI>>Krydome, Entity

Muculords was an Italian gore metal band founded in 1999. The 2000 demo was called Lethal Laxative Power. End Of Silence Records officially issued it eleven years later. A label called Akom signed the band and issued Carpe Diem in 2005. Two years alter End Of Silence released a split for the band with Fahrenheit AGX. 2009 brought Metallosaurus 3X. 2010 brought the end. 2012, naturally, brought the reformation.


Actually not far removed from Mucupurulent, Muculords is a noisy grindcore band which specializes in the kind of album that is riddled with samples, grind versions of popular television themes, humouring the underground and belching vocals from the nether regions of beelzebub's palace. Prone to dressing up like a masquerade which has taken a wrong turn, human intellectual capitals with names like Torcicolon, Scrotum, Genital Erpes and Gengivitis growl their way into your living room with all the force and elegance of feces dislodged by a hurricane and flying at 200 kph. In the course of 27 tracks, which includes yet another lame so-called hidden track, the band grinds the enemy to the basement, mocks black metal on the song Black&Decker "Carp-athian Fishing", goes after hog farmers on Sanguineous Grumous De' Bagoin In The Plaza and inserts enough samples of sheep and pigs to dethrone Impaled Nazarene from its previously-held record. Nice 'fishy' cover is what you are looking for...- Ali "The Metallian"