Horny Like Hell – 1999 – Sub Zero
Mucubelching Beats – 2002 - Bizarre Leprous
Soulreaver – 2002 – Morbid
Bloodstained Blues – 2006 – Morbid
Monsters Of Carnage – 2010 - Rotten Roll Rex

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Minority, Star Of Madness>>GRINDMASTERFLASH [TIMO REICHERT]>>Star Of Madness

Minority, Star Of Madness>>GRINDMASTERFLASH [TIMO REICHERT]>>Star Of Madness – Anticipation>>SERAFINO SCAVO


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History & Biography
Mucupurulent was founded in southwestern Germany in 1995. The group introduced itself with a demo called Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal. A split tape with Pissed Off Orgasm also followed. By now the band had established its pussycore credential through songs like Pussy Berserker and Vaginal Cancer. The band called itself “grind ‘n roll.” The band issued its own full-length demo, Sicko Baby, in 1997. Years later this release would be reissued by Necroharmonic.

The band’s first full-length was issued in 1999. Sub Zero would become the band’s first in a series of German labels. The band would still participate in split records every few years.

Over the years the band has played at shows like Morbiden Festspiele, Obscene Festival and Grind Over Europe. The band had also built its own studio. Bassists need not apply. Heidelberg Deathfest or HDDF 2017 was taking place in that city on March 11th. Bands playing included God Dethroned (HOL), Haemorrhage (ESP), Deranged (SWE), JIG-AI (CZ), Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (ITA), Mucupurulent (CD-Release Show) and Japanische Kampfhörspiele.

Mucupurulent means ‘containing mucus and pus.’


Mucupurulent is the true definition of an underground metal band. They have released three albums plus miscellaneous other format releases and are still a little-heard-of band. Soul Reaver is the band's first album for Morbid Records which consequently might extend the band's recognition on the scene. The band reckons the songs form a sort of a road trip soundtrack - hence the unconventional cover photo of an old car idling in a desert. Band and label like to use the term 'grind' quite often in reference to the band, but fans should know that the term refers more to the depth and breadth of the delivery (including the suffocating heaviness) as opposed to the speed or blast. Most of the material here is in fact mid-paced.
Mucupurulent's singer is a dead-ringer for Cianide's Mike Perun. His vocals are deep and powerful and figuratively are what define Mucupurulent. Timo Reichert's voice is steady and towering. The man breathes a gail of death and destruction upon the listener and does so routinely. The riffs are simple and effective. They do the job without having to resort to any degree of technicality. They are routinely accompanied by quasi-ambient guitar back-drops which, in this particular case, makes for a compelling package. In fact, the aforementioned combination is the basis for Mucupurulent's compulsive catchiness. All the same, the guitars have a harsh sound to them. Overall the Germans are brutal with a speedy tempo and a powerful backbone.
Having said that, the effort is adversely affected by the vile drum machine. The band uses several samples too, albeit not in too big a dosage. Soul Reaver is recorded and mastered at the band's own studio and is none the worse for it. The sound is both full and thick. The Return Of The Squad is particular because the song begins with an industrial riff and samples before introducing, what is probably, the album's most effective riff. Like Gasoline ends untightly. It has the kind of finish one is likely to hear on a rehearsal tape. Drive Me Dead has some interesting guitar work on it. There is even a riff one could have sworn was originally used by Guns N Roses!
Mucupurulent is a band at a crossroads. It can either, given its evident compositional aptitude, take the road to respectability by dropping the drum machine, abandoning the odd danceable beat, focusing on its own songs and consequently developing the band's brand or forge ahead in the opposite direction hopping to extinction. - Ali "The Metallian"

It is not exactly a sign of good things to come when a band begins to call its music grind’n roll or other commercial variations thereof. The German group’s album title is hardly promising to boot, although it is 'bloodstained' and it does feature a horrific cover. A good sign is when a band keeps its mangled logo. Am I confused? Not really, curious and questioning.
Mucupurulent apparently used a drum machine in the past. That nasty habit is now history. The music is simple and one often gets the feeling that the songs are radio friendly rockers topped up with distortion and a heavy brutal growl. It is a contradiction that might explain the best self-styled title and reminds one of Pungent Stench. Simple riffs, simple structures, a few samples, violent vocals and extreme topics and titles like St. Anus (a nod to Metallica possibly), Torn To Pieces II and Cut Under The Left Eye. - Anna Tergel

Mucupurulent is a new name to Metallian Towers. It is a safe bet that most readers are not familiar with this band either. The Germans have been kicking around the German underground for a few years releasing music on the underground circuit, playing shows and grinding like it's nobody's business. Things are bound to change with the recent release of Mucupurulent's debut full-length for Morbid Records entitled Soulreaver however. Ali "The Metallian" got the cold-stricken drummer Ralph Glaser on the telephone and posed the following questions to him - 11.11.2002

METALLIAN: Good evening Ralph. Let us begin the chat with a question relevant specifically to you. Soulreaver is recorded using a drum machine.
GLASER: Thanks for the interview. Well, firstly these machines you hear on the album were just an experiment. We tried to make our music sound colder and more electric. I can't speak about the future, but you can be sure that I am sticking to my sticks!

METALLIAN: Why the intention to make your music colder and more electrical as you put it? Is that specifically influenced by a particular band?
GLASER: It's a bit like Fear Factory, but it's just an experiment for us. We wanted to try something new. It is new for us, we never used those sounds before.

METALLIAN: Also along the same lines, the band refers to itself partly as rock 'n' roll. What exactly is meant by that?
GLASER: That's very easy to figure out! Listen to the song Pain Lasts Forever for example. The song starts with a groovy rock part.

METALLIAN: Let us take a step back. Soul Reaver is obviously not your first release, but Mucupurulent is far from a household name.
GLASER: That's right. It is our third full-length. That's mainly due to the fact that we have been active only in the underground, but now that we have obtained a contract with Morbid Records we hope many more people will get to hear our stuff.

METALLIAN: This then might be a good time for you to go over the band's history. More specifically, what does the band's name mean?
GLASER: Timo (Reichert - singer/guitarist) and I met in some kind of a noise band while we went to school. Timo started Mucupurulent and Sera (guitarist Serafino Scavo) and I came in when the other members quit Mucupurulent. That was in 1994. The name was there even before we joined the band. It means some kind of a medical stuff, something slimy or so.
Well anyway, we went into a small studio to record our demo tape Bizzare Tales Of The Abnormal. Two years later in 1997 we produced our debut CD Sicko Baby with several songs from the demo tape. The second CD Horny Like Hell was recorded several years later, in 1999. Then there was a live split-tape and a live split-CD. Finally the last release, before the current album, was the Mucubelching Beat, a cover versions split-CD together with the band Belching Beet.

METALLIAN: Can you say a few words about each of your releases?
GLASER: Sure, Sicko Baby was our first album in 1997. Well, to get this album completed we had to write several more songs while we were recording! Horny Like Hell came out in 1999 and was produced in a more relaxed atmosphere, because we knew what the process will be and so it was more fun to record. These two albums are sold out - sad but true. Mucubelching Beets, released earlier this year, is a covers CD together with our friends from Belching Beets. We have played many gigs together, so we decided to do an album together. It was their first production and we did it in our own studio. Finally we now have Soulreaver our latest release.

METALLIAN: Before moving on, what was the name of the noise band you mentioned?
GLASER: We called it Minority, but there were no releases.

METALLIAN: How did you stumble upon Morbid Records? How was the relationship with your previous labels?
GLASER: We took part in the Bizzare Festspiele, a festival, where we met the guys from Morbid for the first time. We went there a second time and we got to know more about each other and finally when we went to the Extreme Obscene festival 2000, we were asked to sign a contract with them! There it is. We didn't have a label before. Most of the stuff we released we either did ourselves or had some friends help us put out!

METALLIAN: The new album has an intangible element that makes it quite fun.
GLASER: I can't answer this! Maybe this is what happens when one plays and has fun.

METALLIAN: Perhaps you truly can not answer that specific question, but what was the band's conscious intentions when composing Soulreaver?
GLASER: We started with three song lyrics, and all were about scenes on roads or in the desert! That's how it became some kind of a concept-album. We were not under any kind of pressure to finish composing the songs, so the songs could grow by themselves over time.

METALLIAN: Isn't the open-road concept something you came up with after the album's recording?
GLASER: Well, some lyrics gave us the idea to follow this concept. A few of the songs needed lyrics afterwards. So we used this whole idea of a dusty road, desolate fuel-stations and all that stuff.

METALLIAN: By the same token, the cover photo of a desert is unconventional for the genre. Don't you think that you might be sacrificing sales because of it?
GLASER: We won't stick to bloody or gory covers. We wanted to do something unusual. I hope people like the music and buy this CD despite the cover art.

METALLIAN: What is next on the open road for the band?
GLASER: We're about done planning to take part at several festivals in the summer next year. We are also hoping to do some gigs before then. In the meanwhile, we will create some new songs.

Mucupurulent has managed to record an interesting album, despite the presence of drum machines. Fans of the grinding metal should look into it. The album is available through Morbid Records. For more information visit