World – 1992 - Selfish

Multiplex image
S= Asphyxia, Criminal Christ, Abhorer, Necrophile>>TAKAAKI OHKUMA>>Abhorer, Necrophile
G= Tatsuo Kibe - HIDEKI AKAMA – Asphyxia>>Noboru Takahashi
B= Asphyxia>>Hideki Akama - Takao Takada
D= YOUICHIRO NATSUME>>Force, Melt Banana

Multiplex was a Japanese grindcore band formed in 1989. The group was formed after Asphyxia changed names to accommodate other subgenres’ influences. The band was first heard on tape in 1991 through Demo I 91. The cassette tape contained three songs. The same years had the band on a split release with two other Japanese bands, Gibbed and Satanic Hellslaughter. The band also appeared on a compilation, called Grinding Syndicate, which was released by Samurai Records in Japan. The group’s album was issued in 1992 by Selfish, the label of S.O.B. Tottsuan of S.O.B produced the album. At one point simultaneously the band had three guitarists. Xtreem Music would reissue this record approximately a decade later. Several splits with the likes of Exit 13 and Hellchild lead to 1996 EP Multiplex and the band disappeared. Takaaki Ohkuma had left in 1994. Benny was the group’s final bassist. Ari was the singer.

The band also toured the USA