Customized Warfare – 2006 - Overcome
Behold The Failure – 2009 – Relapse
Flies Will Starve – 2013 - Relapse

Mumakil image
S= Fractal Point, Stump Fucking, Incrüst, Nutriment>>THOMAS>>Incrüst, Nutriment
G= Nostromo, Nebra>>JEJE [JÉRÔME PELLEGRINI]>>Nebra
B= Nostromo, Knut>>Taverne [Jeremy Tavernier] – BENJAMIN DROZ
D= Deceit>>Seb [Sebastien Schacher]

On the Lake Geneva shoreline to make a record came Mumakil in the year 2004. Brutal Grind Assault was not only the band’s musical style, but also the title for its first demo. Greece’s Blastbeat Mailmurder Production issued The Stop Whining EP in 2006. A split later, the band’s first full-length Customized Warfare came in 2006 through a French label. Several splits followed until 2009 brought Behold The Failure through Relapse Records. The Japanese edition tagged 2007 EP Slimewave Series Volume 6’s songs as a bonus. A member of Ghost was on the cover.

In late 2012, the band was in the studio to record its next full-length album, which was due out in 2013 through Relapse Records. The band completed the new record in February of 2013. Flies Will Starve was set for release later in that year through Relapse Records. It was self-recorded at Terrier 5 Studio in Geneva. A tour took place in April. Drummer Max joined in 2013. Drum nomad Kevin Foley (Sepultura, Abbath, etc.) had been with the act the year prior. Seb had left due to a longstanding wrist injury. Seb also suggested his replacement to the band.

The group calls its music ‘blastcore.’ The band’s name is borrowed from the name of the mammoth-like animals of Lord Of The Rings books. Thomas’ alias in Nutriment is Mumagrinder.


Emerging from the ashes of one of this decade’s best bands -- the criminally under-rated Nostromo (that band’s 2002 effort, Ecce Lex, is a must investigate) -- Mumakil returns to re-take the throne. My first impressions of this record were mixed, as mild disappointment settled in: I guess, on some level, I believed this might be Nostromo’s Ecce Lex follow-up. Perspective has allowed that disappointment to ebb, however, and in its place is a sense of appreciation for Customized Warfare’s groove-infused grind attack. Much like latter-day Nasum but incorporating the subtlest hints of Nostromo (you’ve got to listen carefully), Mumakil lays waste to the premises and then explodes again, ensuring maximum destruction in its wake. Seriously, this is a spectacularly energetic record, one that will appeal fans of the aforementioned Nasum, the awesome Rotten Sound and especially mid-era Leng T’che. Definitely worth checking out, despite the less than cool band name. - James Tape

Though Mumakil calls the neutral-in-all-matters Switzerland home, there is absolutely nothing neutral nor non-aligned about Behold The Failure. Harnessing the unique energy that made Mumakil’s predecessor band Nostromo so intriguing, Mumakil nonetheless is pure grind as opposed to Nostromo’s impressive headfuck, a sentiment that coalesces in Nostromo’s best record, Ecce Lex (one of this decade’s essential, incidentally). That digression aside, Behold The Failure is, at times, an overwhelming proposition, taking grind to previously unseen levels (a feat that groups are amazingly accomplishing with each passing year, it seems) and its intensity is constantly the barometer of its success. Mumakil is also at its peak when the grind morphs into ultra-fast groove passages, the band especially adept at writing this sort of material: it would definitely be interesting to hear an entire record of the speed-groove component. As it stands, Behold The Failure manages to balance its divergent and discerning elements to especially strong result, culminating in an album that will rank amongst '09's finest grind releases. - James Tape