Tagged And Bagged – 2001 - Displeased

S= Cabal, Mega Slaughter>>Jens Johansson - Deranged>>JOHAN ANDERBERG>>Deranged
G= Deranged>>JOHAN AXELSSON>>Deranged, Killaman, Enuresis
B= Mutilator, Inverted, Deranged>>Dan Bengtsson>>Crowpath, Pyramido - Deranged>>JOHAN ANDERBERG>>Deranged
D= Deranged, Enuresis>>RIKARD WERMÉN>>Deranged, Killaman, Enuresis, El Camino

The band was an old-school death metal project of members of Deranged and vocalist Jens Johansson of Mega Slaughter. Deranged had had an EP on Repulse Records so it was not surprising that Murder Corporation signed with Repulse’s Qabalah imprint and issued the November 1996 EP, Blood Revolution 2050. The EP was recorded in November of 1995. An EP called Kill! Followed in 1997 as did a split release with the likes of Panzerchrist and Dellamorte. Johansson left to Gothenburg. Emil Ilic of Mega Slaughter was briefly in the band. Anderberg joined. The group entered Berno Studio and recorded a self-titled full-length for 1997 as well. This was signed to Regain Records, but the band experienced much delay from the label. A couple of split releases later, including one noticing that Santa Is Satan with a cover that proved it, lead to the only official full-length. This one appeared through the Dutch label, Displeased Records. It was called Tagged And Bagged. It too was recorded at Berno Studio. The band signed with Necropolis Records, but instead disbanded. The label was soon out of business as well. Two Deranged ones formed Killaman.

The Swedes contributed the track Boneyard to the Wizards Of Gore Impetigo tribute record of 2000, which was issued by USA label Razorback Records. The band had a habit of wearing ski masks.


Murder Corporation is the project of the musicians of Sweden's power gods Deranged and Jens Johansson who once bellowed in front of Mega Slaughter (cool name!). It was no surprise to hear that the band is of the heavier variety then. The music, while containing riffs and a guitar tone not too removed from Deranged, is more akin to the stuff we once got to hear on the Righteous Pigs’ LPs. Consistent and raw, the band thrash to death in utter violence. Where the band is let down, however; are the disappointing gasps of Mr. Johansson who puts in a sadly embarrassing performance. The man just doesn't have the pipes to prove anything. The music is not brilliant, but this five-song EP would have been a hell of a lot more impressive with a Per Gyllenback or Frank Mullen holding the microphone. - Ali "The Metallian"


Murder Corporation