Celebration Of Supreme Evil – 1994 - Cogumelo
...And Evil Returns – 1996 - Evil Horde
Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever – 2001 - Evil Horde
For Evil I Spill My Blood – 2013 - Evil Horde

S= Sabatan [Jacques Zborowski]>>Evilwar, Azorrague - SADISTIC PUNISHER
G= IPSISSIMUS – Evilwar, Insane Devotion>>Azarack>>Evilwar, Insane Devotion - Imperious Malevolence, Infernal>>MALEVENTUM
D= Evilwar>>Ichthys Niger [Edilton Purkote]>>Evilwar - Dagorlad - A Tribute To The Plague, Firefist, Firefist, Creepin' Death, Infernal, Cultus Funeris>>WARHATE SOWER [MAURÍCIO L. AMORIM]>>Cultus Funeris

No, not an American presidential campaign; Murder Rape is a Brazilian black metal band from Paraná in the south of that country. The band was formed in 1992 and issued a demo, called In Liaison With Satan, in 1993. Cogumelo Records (Vulcano, The Mist, etc.) signed the band and the group had a full-length the year after. The band was on Evil Horde Records next. The label belonged to Agathodemon. Azarack left in 1999, but returned in 2003. The band toured Europe as well. He again left in 2006. There was a gap of twelve years between the third and fourth records. The band had actually begun recording it in 2008. God or Satan took Ichthys Niger’s life in 2008. Sadistic Punisher had joined in 2011.



Murder Rape