Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood – 1995 – Drakkar
Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul – 1999 – Drakkar
Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) – 2001 – Drakkar
Majestas Leprosus - 2003 – Ordealis
Rattenkönig – 2005 - Ordealis
Sorrow Galaxies – 2007 – End All Life
Black Metal Cult - 2024 - Osmose

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Malicious Secrets, Gestapo 666, Hell Militia, Satanicum Tenebrae, Doctor Livingstone, Projekt K-OZ, Sektemtum, Solo, Meyhnach, Suicide Circle>>MEYHNA'CH [WILLIAM ROUSSEL]>>Doctor Livingstone, Satanicum Tenebrae, Hell Militia, Projekt K-OZ, Sektemtum, Malicious Secrets, Gestapo, Solo, Meyhnach, Suicide Circle

Satanicum Tenebrae, Solo, Meyhnach>>MEYHNA'CH [WILLIAM ROUSSEL]>>Satanicum Tenebrae, Solo, Meyhnach


Satanicum Tenebrae, Solo>>MEYHNA'CH [WILLIAM ROUSSEL]>>Satanicum Tenebrae, Solo

History & Biography
Grabels-based Mütiilation was founded in 1991 or 1992 as a fetishist black metal band, but disbanded five years later. The band was clearly influenced by the Norwegian black metal sound and image and, as such, became one of the early adopters of the style in France. Founding members were Jean-Luc/Dark Wizzard Of Silence (who was replaced by Kriss), Meyhna’ch and David, respectively drummer, singer/guitar player, and bass player. It reappeared in 2000 and disappeared in 2009. The man was rumoured to have committed suicide. Then it reappeared in 2014. Somewhere along the way, the band became a solo act. In the early days, the band belonged to a group-think gathering called Les Légions Noires (‘the black legions’) with Vlad Tepes and others. Apparently, the man pulled out of the group due to rug problems. Noktu, Fureiss and others of Celestia often accompanied the band for concerts. Meyhna'ch also shared bands with Celestia members.

1992 and 1993 demo were respectively called Rites Through The Twilight Of Hell and Ceremony Of Black Cult. A 1994 7” EP was named Hail Satanas We Are the Black Legions. The same year brought further recordings Satanist Styrken and Black Imperial Blood (Travel). This material would end up on the band’s full-length. Speaking of which, the band signed with Drakkar and issued its debut in 1995. It was called Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood. The band had a split record with Deathspell Omega in 2002. After records on Ordealis and End All Life the man signed with Osmose Productions.

Mütiilation’s The Lost Tapes were self-cover version re-recordings stemming from 2009 and 2010. Osmose Productions was issuing them in December 2018. The band had thrown in the towel in 2017 and the main man made himself busy with a project called Meyhnach, but of course this act is not any different than anybody else and... The act returned in 2024. Mütiilation was back and had an album called Black Metal Cult through Osmose Productions.


Mutiilation is a grim subterranean black metal act with a history ending in Meyhna'ch becoming the only member. This, despite how he was reportedly dead, having committed suicide as a protest to the deterioration of the black metal scene. Rumours aside, Mutiilation is (should be obvious by now) a pure black metal band without concessions to any other sub-genre.
The band/man looks like Mortiis, sounds like early Burzum and has the production of Darkthrone. The drum machine is buried under a mountain of distortion and aggravated vocals. Forget finesse, Mutiilation does not even understand the word. The words variety, melody and riff too are phrases from a long-forgotten language. Song titles like Bitterness Bloodred, Destroy Your Life For Satan and Beyond The Decay Of Tme (sic) And Flies speak for themselves. Safe to say, only diehard metal fanatics will want to get mutiilated, which is just as well. For this CD was not meant for the masses. - Ali "The Metallian"