Simoniacal – 1988 – Fucker
Mental Slavery – 1989 - Fucker
The Last File – 2000 – Hellion
Re-Lapse – 2014 - Substancial

G= Decio Frignani - MORTO – Cova>>C.M. [Carlos Marcelo Scarpelini]>>Mutilator, Attack Force – DECIO FRIGNANI
B= Edu – Angel>>Chico Comelli>>Acid Storm - ALEXANDRE GONSALVES DUMBO
D= Jailor, Transfixion>>ALEXANDRE DA CUNHA>>Jailor, Transfixion

São Paulo-based thrash metal band MX was founded in 1985 and disbanded in 2000 before reappearing in 2012. The band’s name was derived from imperialist military power USA ballistic missile LGM-118 or ‘Missile eXperimental.’

A 1986 demo was called The Carrion Of Religion. The 1987 one was Fighting For The Bastards. Fucker Records issued a 1987 split featuring Necromancia, MX, Cova and Blasphemer called Headthrashers Live. This second record in this series was recorded at the Teatro Municipal De Santo André. The same label picked up the band and issued the group’s full-length debut Simoniacal. Nevertheless, a demo was also out that year. 1989’s Mental Slavery continued the band’s anti-religious and progressive stance and featured new bassist Chico Comelli. It would be the band’s last recording for eight years. The group opened for Testament in Brazil. Marquee Records reissued Simoniacal and Mental Slavery. A 1997 demo was called Again... The band opened for Exodus in 1997. Germany’s Hellion Records picked up the band for 2000’s, appropriately named, The Last File. This one featured Alexandre Gonsalves Dumbo on bass and guitar and C.M. on guitar. The band threw in the Brazilian beach towel, but reformed and issued 2014’s Re-Lapse through Substancial Music. The record featured old material rerecorded by the band. Supposedly the group’s fans had voted on the set list. Decio was back.