Manic Panic – 1988 - Restless

S= Lee Kaiser
G= Mitch Rellas
D= Abattoir>>Danny Anaya>>Abattoir

Los Angeles thrash metal band MX Machine was formed in 1985 by singer Lee Kaiser, guitarist Mitch Rellas, bassist Diego Negrete and drummer Sam Monarez. Liquid Dan Anaya would soon replaced Sam on the stools. The band issued a 1987 demo called Fatal Mistake. Bill Metoyer taped it. Local label Restless signed the band and the band’s debut was out in 1988. Joey Vera of Armored Saint, a band with which MX Machine was close, produced it. The song No Glam Fags became the title for a local fanzine run by future manager and label president Marco Barbieri. The band was heard on the soundtrack to the film Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. The band (and label) had quit by 1990, but naturally the band returned in 2007 and issued a demo single called Dogtown in 2011. Earlier Restless had planned on releasing a second record for the band before the members had cut loose. The Devils Highway (Sic) demo was out in 2012. Only Negrete is still around from the formative line-up and edits the band Wikipedia page with entries about purported new music. The band’s debut album was remastered and spread online.



MX Machine