Shattered Dreams – 2003 – Konqueror
Northern Remembrance – 2006 - Konqueror
Kingdom Lost – 2012 - Konqueror

S= Hetsheads, Blackshine, Necrophobic>>ANDERS STROKIRK>>Blackshine, Necrophobic
G= Carbonized, Obscuratum, Excruciate, Ordo Inferus>> HEMPA BRYNOLFSSON>>Obscuratum, Excruciate
D= Sin, Stairland, Blackshine, Bloodshed, Die Hard>>MARTIN KARLSSON>>Blackshine, Bloodshed, Die Hard

Named after a natural symbiosis between fungus or plant and the roots and soil the Swedish death metal band of Stockholm was formed in 2001. Hemp had at first wanted to reform Excruciate. The band featured Carbonized and Necrophobic members and was meant to be a studio project. Konqueror Records – which had sought to work with Excruciate - issued the band’s self-titled EP in 2002. It was recorded at Studio Blackshine. The band continued with the label for its three full-lengths until its withering in 2012.


With an album cover artwork reminiscent of Katatonia one would think the obscure group called Mykorrhiza would be a doom metal band. The only thing the two bands share is their Swedish origin; otherwise Northern Remembrance is an extreme metal album with notable experimentations in speed and vocal delivery. The members have something of a pedigree in the Swedish metal scene so the vocal styles might be borne out of the desire to create something new. On occasion it sounds like the voices singing of personal and social woes cover all ranges except falsetto. The vocals are otherwise relatively easy to discern. Weak has singing like both Manowar and Megadeth. Hate begins with a dose of death/thrash that could belong to Naglfar before the voices pop up. Demonic World has enough voices to claim input from a slew of different demons. The music is solid and well put together, yet there is hardly anything on the album that would be deemed spectacular or excellent. - Ali “The Metallian”