Revitalization Of The Perniciousness – 2014 - Bloodcurdling
Cannibalistic Gore Of Grotesque – 2015 - Bloodcurdling


S= Pilgrim, My Material Season, Veiyadra, Zeminence>>AKIHIRO MUTO>>My Material Season, Veiyadra, Zeminence
G= Freaksxx, Lepaca Kliffoth>>Minoru Makita - Ambivalence>>Hiroshi Tomita - NAOKI HOSHI
B= Worm, Slögg>>Takeshi Funayama - MINORU MAKITA
D= Intestine Baalism, Decapitation>>ATSUSHI MIYATA


This Tokyo-based band was formed in 2012 and soon issued a demo. A Japanese label issued Revitalization Of The Perniciousness. Minoru Makita switched to bass from guitar. Death Metal Industry placed the band on a 2014 compilation with other bands on a release called Splitting The Seeds Of Brutality. The band played in Thailand next. The band played at Slam Dominate 2016. Pathologically Explicit Recordings’ Myocardial Infarction was presenting two new songs as advance of the third full-length CD in late 2016, which would be out in 2017.

Myocardial Infarction is a medical term for a heart attack. Muto managed the band.



Myocardial Infarction